How to transport your car when moving internationally

If you want to transport your car when moving internationally in a short time and easily, you should learn some tactics. However, good movers and packers Kuwait will help you to do this job right and on time. Do not hesitate to ask them for advice and help.

Learn to transport your car when moving internationally

There are a lot of steps that you can make when organizing to move to another country. The first you should do is to prepare the car and documents.

  • You can transport your car when moving internationally easily and safely if follow the instructions that moving companies gave you;
  • Do not forget that international car shipping takes much longer and costs more than any other transportation;
  • Good moving companies have special equipment and could help you in this job easily.
Car and container
It is possible to transport your car when moving internationally

RORO (roll-on/roll-off) system

One of the most efficient and least expensive models of transport car is the roll-on/roll-off method, called RORO. It presumes to transport cars along with other cars at the same ship and transport vehicle. You maybe have seen the photos of one of those ships when all cars are in one place. This method is also very fast since you do not wait for the transport. However, your car is not as protected as another model, so choose a professional international shipping Kuwait. 


If you want to protect your car during transportation and be sure that your car will not be stolen or damaged, you should choose to ship by container. Your car will be in its container, closed during the whole trip. It presumes good logistic Kuwait and professional movers. This method takes a little longer and you will not be able to transport large cars like SUVs. It is also a much more expensive model.


This is the most expensive and most protective method of transportation. You can send your car by plane to any country that you want. Bearing in mind that the price of this method is very expensive, you must consider it as the last possible model of transportation. Usually, clients use it to send a classic and very expensive car.

How to prepare for this job

It is not hard to prepare for this job, but you will need to take all steps before packing. Good preparation requires the right tool and equipment but also knowledge of legislation.

Car and container
Prepare documentation and the car before shipping

Prepare documentation

It is not easy to transport cars for a lot of reasons, but those are not all connected to transportation methods. Some of them are connected with the regulations that apply to the particular country. If you want to prepare for this job properly, ask which documents to prepare before starting with transport.

Prepare the car

When finishing all the jobs, you should prepare the car for transport, too. You need to clean the car, remove all from the cabin and check the tires and engine. Leave gas in the tank, for the transport from your address to the port. Just in case you have forgotten, learn things you should never do when pumping gas. After that, you can transport your car when moving internationally without surprises.