Top 10 Things People Forget to Pack When Moving

Forgetting to pack a crucial item, or forgetting about a task, happens all too common in the world of moving. It can be really discouraging to new movers. Especially if you think everything is going according to plan. However, we are going to admit that there are things people forget to pack when moving. Since humans are not robots, mistakes are bound to creep in. It’s normal. However, that doesn’t mean it’s okay to make mistakes during moving day. Since one mistake can set you back a couple of steps, not to mention bucks. You should strive for perfection, organization, and efficiency in all things moving related. So if you ever need a moving day checklist so you don’t forget to pack  “that thing”, this is the article for you.

a man planning - the most important things people forget to pack when moving are the simplest...
You are probably overthinking it. People tend to forget to pack the simplest of things.

Essential documents as one of the things people forget to pack when moving

The most common items that fly over people’s heads when packing are documents. What happens is people double, triple and even quadruple check if they have, for example, packed all of their clothes and other baggage. But never once seem to remember to pack their birth certificates. So when it’s all said and done, and the moving day comes, and everything is packed, people start face palming all over the place. Because they remember that they have forgotten to pack those important documents.

So if you don’t want that to happen to you we recommend that you create a “cache” of sorts. A folder in which you will keep all your important documents. For example:

  • birth certificate, passport, diplomas, and other personal documents;
  • evaluation reports, work contracts, and other employment papers;
  • property documents (mortgage documents, insurance policies, property deeds, rental agreements);
  • bank statements, tax receipts, and other bank documents
  • drivers license, vehicle registration, car insurance policy, and other car documents;
certificate of marriage
Don’t forget to bring your most important documents with you!

However, if you are organizing your family for relocation, you should also take into consideration that you will need to pack their documents as well. So make sure to gather all the required school records for your kids and the personal documents of your partner! After you have made this folder make sure to keep it close by. You will surely need it after you move!


We know this seems hard to believe, but people often forget to pack their medication when moving to a new house. We guess that in the midst of all that chaos and flux, you simply look over it. One of the reasons people tend to do this is because all of your pills are mostly in closed cabinets which you do not check before you leave.

So a tip here would be don’t forget to pack your medication. Also, make sure you check your cupboards for any medication that is left lying around before you move. And for the love of God, please don’t pack and move medicine that you will never use. It means more work for you, and it makes no sense to carry extra luggage. So don’t pack any medication that is past its expiry date, and pills that you don’t use.

Stashed valuables

No, we don’t mean your most prized possessions. Of course, you won’t forget about those. But what about those hidden valuables you have hidden in your home?

Surprisingly, people tend to forget to bring those with them when they move. So think long and hard if you have any hidden items in secret places around your house, and retrieve them if you do!

Cutlery as things people forget to pack when moving

This is really not something people tend to forget to pack. We are simply mentioning it here because we find it to be a useful tip.

Generally speaking, after people move they are starved and want to munch on something. That in most cases, means, a food order. However, you will have to unpack all the silverware you packed in order to do that. And that takes time. The time that you do not have. So what we recommend in return is to actually buy plasticware such as plastic cups and plates, and pack those. So when the time comes you can have a big meal, no problem!

Disposable cuttlery
Make sure you have disposable cutlery waiting for you in your new home!

Oh and also the cool part? You don’t have to clean up since all you have to do is throw away the plastic cups and plates.

The most common thing that gets forgotten about – chargers for your electronic devices.

Believe it or not, chargers for the essential electronics you own are one of the commonly forgotten items to pack when moving. Those charging devices either get left plugged into the outlets or they get mixed up with the bunch of unwanted items and never make it to the new residence.

In order to avoid the unpleasant moment of realizing that the battery of your phone, tablet or laptop is dead and its charger is missing in action, double-check that you’ve packed them safely together with its corresponding electronic device.

It’s best to pack your laptop charger inside the laptop bag, together with the portable computer. As far as phone chargers and tablet chargers – which often are identical, pack them into the essentials box or bag as you’ll be surely keeping your smartphone with you throughout the house move.

In conclusion

There are several things you need to worry about when packing this for moving. First of all, make sure that you don’t forget to unplug all your phone and laptop chargers and bring them with you. This is probably the most common thing people forget. Secondly, people also tend to forget about their medicine. Since they leave it in a drawer somewhere, out of sight and out of mind. Only to be reminded that they forgot to pack those stuff when they have relocated to the new home. Also, people tend to forget personal documents as well. So make sure you make a giant binder and keep all those files safe and in one location.

Hopefully, by reading this you won’t forget to pack items that you will need right after the move. It is our optimism that by the end of this article you have gained enough insight about the things people tend to forget when packing. So in turn, the next time you move, you can either remember this article or hire international movers Kuwait which will help you get the job done!