Tips on how to survive moving with kids

Moving is not an effortless task. However, it can become even more chaotic when you’re doing it together with someone. Therefore, moving with kids is a whole new ball game. That’s when your management skills, grit, and composure are tested to the greatest degree possible. Nonetheless, it does not have to be such an arduous and challenging endeavor. With the right plan and solid groundwork, your relocation can be effortless! If you’ve decided to move with kids, read on. We’ve gathered a list of things to take into account to ease your relocation process.

Moving with your kids

Kids are delicate. They are sensitive, more so than adults. Therefore this relocation might influence them more than you. However, unlike adults, kids cannot apprehend all the opportunities that a “new life” can offer. They are afraid of the unknown. The thought of leaving everything they grew up with – friends, their school, neighborhood, teachers – is off-putting to them.

That is why it is of the utmost significance to have a conversation with your kids about the move. Please understand, this is not about you. You are there to listen to their concerns and worries and try to answer them with the best of your ability. Explain to them what they can expect, and answer any possible questions they may have for you. Moving with kids won’t be easy. Try to keep your emotions in check. A relaxing atmosphere is what you are striving for. Since you want to make this move as stress-free as possible, both for you and for your kids.

Include them in the process

kids playing
Kids may be resistant to the thought of moving, and asking them to help with various parts of the moving process might make the experience less traumatic for them.

Before you settle on the house or apartment that you like, we recommend that you bring your kids to their soon-to-be home. Acquaint them with the reason on why you want to hang up your hat on this particular household. Show them the ropes of the neighboorhood. Take a stroll through the community. Point out any key areas of interest to your children such as parks, school bus stops, playgrounds, etc. This will help the kids visualize how their future will be here and compare it with what they currently have. Nine times out of ten, they will understand that this new neighboorhood is not as bad as it seemed in their head.

Also, take notes of their opinions, since it is very important for them to know whether their ideas matter. Try to make compromises where you can in order to make the transition process that much easier for your children.

How to pack when moving with kids

Let us imagine the worst case scenario. You are moving to a smaller apartment than you originally had. Therefore, less room means fewer things. That is why we recommend you prepare the things you absolutely need before you move (the KonMari method could be helpful here) Then go through everything else and decide what to keep and what to throw away.

Don't forget to pack their favorite toys when moving with kids!
Make sure you pack the absolute essentials!

Make five piles of things you no longer need – sell, donate, recycle, keep or throw away. In those piles, you should also include the kids’ playthings. Make sure to keep those dolls with which the children play on a daily basis. With the rest of the toys, ask your kids to sort them by need. This is also a way of making the kids feel included in the moving process. Of course, in the end, you will end up with most of their toys after they are done sorting through. If you can, look through their stack of chosen toys again when they are asleep, and make a few changes. In most situations, kids won’t even notice that some of their stuff is missing because they don’t play with them that often.

Choosing the right moving company

Let’s be frank. There are a lot of moving companies out there. Weeding through them, and choosing the right one, can be a sluggish and tedious task. Keep these few tips in mind, when choosing the proper movers for you:

  • Pick the experts. If you can, choose the moving company that has good standing. Since they won’t risk losing their reputation. Furthermore, their years of experience will grant them with the know-how of moving your things effortlessly. So you can bet that they’ll try really hard to do everything correctly. On that note check out international movers Kuwait for the best moving experience you can find!
  • Read the comments. We have established that name carries weight. However, do not pick movers exclusively because of their name. In order for you to see if this is the moving company for you, read the comments of their customers! Search through their social media or website, read the feedback or simply – ask a friend who has used their assistance. A good word goes a long way – trust your gut and your friends.
  • Beware of suspiciously cheap movers. It is reasonable to want to save money on the move. However, take care of movers that will offer you a quota which is dirt cheap. Most of the time they hide costs along the way and even though you want to save money, your stuff may not be safe during relocation with unreliable moving companies.
piggy bank
Better to pay more money for a more reliable and trustworthy experience, than to pay less and get scammed!

In conclusion

It doesn’t matter if you are moving internationally or locally, moving is not cheap. Not just financially, but it can drain your other resources as well, such as time and energy. Especially given the fact that if you are reading this, you are planning on moving with kids. That’s why we recommend you discuss this move thoroughly with your companion and determine your living costs. Couple that with your end goal, and you should be able to make it just fine!

However, we do propose you use a professional moving company such as movers and packers Kuwait. Such companies help you with all the heavy lifting and packing, taking stuff off your plate,  and leave room for more time for you to spend with your friends and family!