How to compare shipping companies

If you are planning on using services of shipping companies surely you would like to hire the best one. Maybe it will be hard to say which one is really the best shipping company as there are many big and famous companies that have been in the business for decades. The one that you are searching should be most suitable for you at that particular moment. No matter whether you are just shipping goods or you are planning to move to Kuwait.  You should always compare shipping companies before hiring one. When you compare shipping companies you will come to the conclusion that there are large differences in the prices. So, when picking air freight Kuwait services you will have to do a comparison if you don’t want to end up with an empty wallet.

What do the shipping companies do?

If you want to know how to compare shipping companies you need to know a little bit about them.  Shipping companies are more than just trucks that will carry goods from one place to another. Over time they have changed into complex logistical solutions that cover a wide array of services.

Shipping crates - Compare shipping companies so you can get the best deals
If you want to compare shipping companies you will have to learn about their services.

They will handle transport, fright management, warehouse organization, requests, packing, and delivery.  Transportation can be done by road, rail, air or ocean.  When you are just starting out with your new business you can try to cut the costs by handling the shipments yourself. But as your business grows you will have to use the services of a shipping company. Also, if you using moving services Kuwait, you can take the portable storage container to be brought to your home. You will then personally load it and the shipping company will transport it wherever you like.

Searching for the right shipping company

Now that you know what are the shipping companies, and the type of work they do, you can start searching for the right one.  First, you will need to decide what services you will need. Air fright, or maybe sea fright services? After you are clear with what you need you can concentrate on choosing the right shipping company. The next logical step is to open an internet browser and start searching.  And immediately you will find lists of best shipping companies in the world. On those lists, you will find names like MSC, COSCO, CMA CGM Group, PIL, UPS, DHL, FedEx, USPS, and many more.  But how to find the most suitable shipping company for you? Well, believe it or not, it is not going to be that hard at all. You can do it with the help of numerous shipping calculating tools you can find on the internet.

Best tools for comparing the shipping company’s rates

  • Parcel Monkey is one of the best tools to compare shipping companies.
  • eBay shipping calculator
  • Secureship
  • FitShipper
  • ShipGooder

How to compare shipping companies – Parcel Monkey

Parcel Monkey is a website designed for comparing shipping services for European, American and international shipping rates. This is one of the rare sites that work for almost every destination country. It has separated websites for US, UK, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, and Spain. With exact shipping rates for those particular countries and it has information for almost every other country as well. You can compare rates from DHL, TNT, DPD and local post office’s.

How to compare shipping companies – eBay shipping calculator

eBay has its own shipping calculator that can be used to calculate simple shipping rates from the United States. It will calculate the rates for USPS, UPS, and FedEx from the US to the most common destinations.

Use the internet to compare shipping companies
There are tools on the internet to help you compare shipping companies

You will need to enter information about your package and it will offer you a list of most commonly shipped items for a weight estimate.  It is a really practical, easy and quick solution when you want to compare shipping companies and their rates.

How to compare shipping companies – Secureship

Secureship is a website that is concentrated on Canada and international shipping rates. Although it is a Canadian website and shows prices in Canadian dollars it covers almost every destination. So, you can easily compare shipping prices for UPS and FedEx for anywhere in the world. You just have to bear in mind that the prices are shown in Canadian dollars so you have to remember to convert it at the end.

How to compare shipping companies – FitShipper

FitShipper is a practical little tool that helps you to choose the best package sizes and shipping rates. If you are not really sure what size of the box would be most cost-effective to ship, the FitShipper will help you decide. You will have to enter some information first. First, you will have to enter a destination country. Then you will need to know the size and the weight of your package. You can also add padding if you think you will need it. It will show you the estimate for USPS shipping services.

How to compare shipping companies – ShipGooder

ShipGooder is another great tool for finding discounts and comparing shipping rates from America and Canada. It will offer recommendations for the cheapest and quickest options.

Using internet to compare shipping companies
Find the best shipping deals

So you can choose based on your requirements and needs. You can also get discounts on USPS if you own a ShipGooder account.

Manual comparison

These are some of the best tools you can find on the internet when you want to compare shipping companies and their rates. But, as you probably noticed, they will only compare shipping rates between two or maximum three shipping companies. Maybe that will be enough to satisfy your desire for shipping rates comparison. But if you really want to find the best deals you will have to do some manual work. Open a new tab on your internet browser for every shipping and logistics companies you can find and enter your shipping information. Copy the results and paste them to a spreadsheet and sort them. That way you can have a clear picture of the shipping company’s rates.