Tips for storing your items before shipping

You’re moving and you’re worried about your items staying safe in their shipping units. That is an understandable thing to worry about. That’s why we at Easy Move Kuwait would like to offer you some useful tips for storing your items before shipping. It’s nothing that requires too much work, but the payoff will be absolutely worth it. Just follow our easy steps to get the best results.

Storage of items before shipping
Find a good and safe storage space as soon as you decide to ship your goods

Why would you store your items before shipping?

You might think to yourself that this seems counterproductive. You couldn’t be more wrong! Storing your items before shipping can make your life so much easier. Some of the reasons you should consider employing a storage facility are:

  • Lower risk of damage
  • Better shipping conditions
  • Inventory management
  • Risk management
  • Financial help

There are even more benefits from employing a storage facility. Some storage facilities offer automated storage systems that will keep all your goods in place and taken care of. Otherwise, there are many warehouse companies in Kuwait that can help you out with anything needed.

Use the correct storage option

While transporting your goods, you should pay mind to the environment they’ll be in. Your storage space should be free from any moisture, high temperatures, and with no risk of leakage. This can seem like it’s a lot to ask for, but that isn’t the case. The safest storage option available is climate-controlled storage units.

Climate-controlled storage units are the right choice for any perishable or easily damaged goods. They offer the optimal environment no matter the requirements of your goods. Keeping your goods safe is the primary objective.

A climate-controlled storage facility
Climate-controlled storage facilities are always the best option.

For storage after shipping, there are many companies that offer the installation of cold rooms. It may seem excessive but actually, taking into account how much stress it will save in the long run, it could be a very profitable option.

Use a labeling system

You don’t want to spend a lot of your valuable time looking for things around your storage facility. For quicker and more efficient shipping, it is a good idea to label your shipping containers. Sometimes simply remembering where what is, doesn’t cut it. To avoid future troubles and wastes of time, take the time now and label your goods.

Use your space wisely

Whichever storing option you’ve chosen, it’s wise to utilize it completely. Don’t just stack all your containers without any order. Focusing on which container fits where can give you much more space in just one storage unit than you can imagine. Of course, things like this shouldn’t occupy your thoughts or too much of your time. But it is good to consider repacking some of your containers. Who knows? You might just be able to fit everything in fewer storage units.

Also, be mindful of where you place each item. Think about efficiency when placing them. How will the shipping be optimized?

How exactly does storing your items before shipping benefit you?

We’ve already mentioned some of the pros, but let us elaborate.

1. Lower risk

When we say lower risk of damage, we really do mean it. You will most likely get your items shipped safely even if you decide on direct shipping. What you might not know is that storage facilities offer a lot of services you would otherwise need to find elsewhere.

Aside from taking care of your cargo in a space designed exactly for that, most storage facilities offer packing and shipping services. If you’re already using their primary service, you should be able to access all of their other services at a lower price.

You would have professionals packing your goods and transporting them. The bigger the storage facility, the more people are using it. And according to that, you are aware that the services provided are better and with more experienced workers.

2. Shipping convenience

If you’ve ever shipped goods before, you know that many unexpected situations can arise. Sometimes you need to postpone your shipping for a number of reasons. What will happen with your goods until then? In a storage facility, they will simply be kept safe and waiting for their shipping.

Storage facility to use before shipping
Experienced storage facility workers will keep your items safe and on track. No more late shipments!

Another plus is that your shipping accuracy will be increased. When goods go through warehouse protocol, you know that everything will be handled in time. There are no late shipments for you to worry about.

3. Inventory management

As you can see, a shipping facility can really take on a lot of the work you would need to do yourself. Keeping track of your inventory is crucial to any business. Instead of hiring people to do this for you, by hiring a storage facility, you’ve already taken care of this issue.

You can always request reports of all the goods that are stored, and the employees always take the necessary measures to keep inventory management completely accurate. These people are trained and experienced, so you won’t need to worry about your goods at all.

4. Risk management

If you opt for placing your goods in a storage facility you’ll have insurance. It is a given. In the case of any natural disasters, although rare, but also any mistakes or damage done to your goods. This is another thing you won’t need to think of yourself, but simply put your trust in someone with years and years of experience.

5. Financial help

If you ever find yourself in a less than convenient position with your finances, you can rest easy knowing your storage facilities offer all kinds of assistance. This is just an added bonus for you to not worry about.

If you’re still not 100% set on whether to employ a warehouse or not, refer to our comprehensive guide of all the benefits of using a warehouse.

We hope our tips for storing your items before shipping will prove to be useful to you and your business. For any additional help, be sure to contact us. We’re always available to provide our services.