Tips for finding a job in Kuwait

Are you looking for a job in Kuwait and you do not know where to start? You have come to the right place as we have excellent tips for finding a job in Kuwait. Being an expat is not always easy, but with little effort, you will manage to find a job in this beautiful country and start living the dream. What’s more, if you still have not moved to Kuwait, you should definitely check out the best shipping companies in Kuwait

an oval, brown desk, with black chairs around it. the view points to the buildings in Kuwait.
Kuwait is home to thousands of expats and offers numerous job opportunities.

Write a CV

This is the one thing that can open many doors for you and will make finding a job in Kuwait immensely easier. If you are not sure how to write a CV, consult with your friends or someone who has experience. You will be applying for the job along with dozens of other people, and a well-composed CV can truly do wonders. Never underestimate the power of a good CV, so take your time and make sure that it contains all of your strong points. Write everything you think is important for the job you applied, every course you took, every experience you gained. Do not be shy, this is your time to shine.

Find someone who already works in Kuwait

This is usually crucial when it comes to finding a job in Kuwait. If you have friends or relatives working there already, contact them and they will be able to help you. Based on the experience of many expats currently working in Kuwait, the truth is that you will obtain the job much easier if you know someone who already works there. It, of course, does not have to be your best friend. Dedicate the time to search for any person you may know who already works there and it will pay off. Not only will they help you find a job at their company, but it is also handy to know someone who will explain how things work in reality. A lot of things can go wrong when moving, and having someone to assist you will make everything less stressful.

Finding a job in Kuwait even before you move is possible

There are many things you can do on your own before you move, and we will list the most important ones here:

  • Search the websites for finding a job in Kuwait –  It will give you a great insight into what types of jobs are offered and what jobs will be most suitable for your set of skills. The most famous websites for finding a job are and Be persistent even if you do not receive feedback, send as many applications as possible.
  • Contact companies directly – Be straightforward and contact the companies directly when you are looking for a job in Kuwait. Show initiative and send them an e-mail. There are numerous multinational companies in Kuwait and you should represent yourself in the best light.
  • Use Kuwait Yellow Pages – No matter how outdated this sounds, Kuwait yellow pages are a great source of job opportunities. Nowadays, when you have everything online, make the most of yellow pages and find a job in Kuwait easily. Find yourself a comfortable chair, and scroll your way to your new job. Contact the most suitable companies and hope for the best.
  • Start learning Arabic – The official language used in Kuwait is Modern Standard Arabic. Although you will not need the Arabic language for your job, it may help you tremendously. Knowing a bit of Arabic will show your future employees that you are willing to go above and beyond to get a job. You will also find that Arabic will help you in your everyday life.
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Finding a job in Kuwait has never been easier. Apply for numerous jobs online on reliable websites and wait for feedback.


Obtaining a visa and a work permit is something that your employer will do for you. Once you get a job, your employer is responsible for getting you the visa and the work permit. They are also responsible for you if you violate any laws. Your employer becomes your sponsor once you sign the contract with them. This is really useful and will take the burden off of you after finding a job in Kuwait. Once you get the work permit and want to move your entire family with you to Kuwait, you will act as a sponsor for them. This means that after several months your wife or husband and children may join you easily. With air freight Kuwait companies moving your belongings is something you will not have to worry about.

a blue USA passport on a USA flag - you will need it when finding a job in Kuwait
Once you move and start working in Kuwait, you can be a sponsor for your spouse or children in terms of getting a visa and work permit.

Teach English

Although you may have graduated from a University that is not at all connected to English teaching, this may be a great start. If you have a certificate in English language, such as TOEFL, then you can always teach English. Once you have a job, no matter how temporary it is, you can search for better ones in your free time. English is a language that is taught in school, kindergartens, private schools and you can teach it privately. It can be a great source of income. Also, you will have no issues overcoming any obstacles that come in your way. A decent job with decent pay is not to be overlooked easily, don`t you agree?

Adjust your expectations when finding a job in Kuwait

Kuwait is a country that values locals over expats, that is for sure. However, the country with over two-thirds of foreigners working in it is a great place to work and live in. It is import to adjust your expectations both when finding a job in Kuwait and after you have found a job. Furthermore, you need to be mentally prepared for the move.  Do not be discouraged if you do not receive a callback from the first company! Know your worth and pursue your happiness and great living conditions, as you deserve it. Good luck!