10 things movers want you to know

Moving day has arrived and you movers are on their way to your house? It is important to help them as much as you can so that your moving day goes smoothly. It may seem that they are just there to move boxes from your house to the moving truck, but there are plenty of things you can do to make their job easier and your move safer. If you are moving abroad, then hiring reliable international movers Kuwait is high on the list of your priorities. Once you have chosen the right moving company, know that there are things movers want you to know, and here we will present them to you.

1. If you have kids and pets, find them a sitter on a moving day

Find a sitter for your kids, or if they are older they can stay at your relatives. The same thing applies to your pet, for example, you can take it to a dog daycare.  Not only will this make moving immensely easier, but it will be safer as well. Movers can then focus solely on their job and not worry about tripping over your dog.

Cat sitters are one thing things movers want you to know about
One of the things movers want you to know is that it would be best if you find a sitter for your children and pets on a moving day.

2. Make sure your movers have a clear path

This can mean several things. You should focus on the following:

  • Parking space – make a reservation of the parking space your movers will use, and you will prevent them from searching for a parking space which can be further away from your home.
  • Elevator – make a reservation of the elevator for the day if you live on higher floors. This may not seem a priority, but you would be surprised to see how many people will use the elevator on your moving day.
  • Inside the house – although there will be many boxes on a moving day, make sure to make a clear path leading in and out of every room. These are the things movers want you to know so that they can be efficient even before the moving begins.

If movers are late, remember that they can probably have a valid reason for that and stay calm.

3. Be ready to help but only if they ask you to

Movers will not need any help with moving the boxes, and you should stay out of their way while they are doing their job. However, they may have questions for you, to ensure everything goes as it should. Therefore, you should always be available to answer their questions. Be there for your movers and they will highly appreciate it.

4. Be prepared when your movers arrive

Once the movers arrive, the moving has truly begun. Make sure to have everything ready for the move. Check if all of your boxes are ready. This is really one of the things movers want you to know before they arrive. All the boxes should be packed. Furthermore, they should be labeled properly, so that they can store it in your new home where they belong.

four labeled moving boxes with scissors and tape on one of them
Once you pack your boxes safely and label them properly, you are ready for your movers to come.

Also, you can write fragile on boxes that contain fragile items, like glassware. Packing your boxes properly can go a long way in helping your movers safely move them to your new home. If you are moving internationally, you should know that air freight Kuwait companies are very professional and reliable.

5. Things movers want you to know about tipping

Bear in mind, that movers do not expect you to tip them. They are paid for the services they provide. However, if you feel the need to tip them after a great work, that is completely fine. Usually, the tip is 10-15% of the total price, but of course, you can go higher or lower.

dollar bills on the table
Movers do not expect you to tip them, but if you are satisfied with the service you can tip them 10-15 % of the total cost.

6. Be kind

Being kind to your movers can set the tone of the entire day. We know that you are tired and maybe feeling lost amidst all the things you need to do, but do not forget to be kind and polite to your movers. They will really appreciate this as this is one of the essential things movers want you to know. Writing a moving review is very important and gives you the opportunity to speak up about the service you received from your movers.

7. Food and drinks

While you should be kind to your movers, being too much hospitable can get in their way. Your movers want you to know that you should not offer them food, as much you may want to. Snacks are okay, but meals are something they do not expect you to prepare. On the other hand, cold water or juice is always welcome. They will be constantly moving and probably dehydrate, so have the beverages prepared and within hand reach.

8. Bathroom

Although this is the last day in your old house, make sure to have soap and clean towels in your bathroom, so that your movers can easily wash their hands during and after they finish the work. If you do not have water in the house, leave bottles of water so that they can use it in the bathroom. This will truly go a long way with the movers and they will be grateful to you. The things movers want you to know are, indeed, not really demanding.

9. The essential things should be with you

Always remember to put aside your essentials moving box, so that the movers do not pack it by accident in the moving truck. This has happened before, and this is why it of utmost importance to move the box somewhere safe. Furthermore, your passport or other ID should be with you, along with the most expensive items you have, like jewelry and watches. It is better to be safe than sorry.

10. Communicate

Last but certainly not least, one of the things movers want you to know is that you should communicate with them about everything. They are not mind-readers, remember this, but they are experienced professionals who will help you. Just tell them in time if you do not like something and want to it differently.