The Pros and Cons of Air Freight Shipping

In the era of traveling, air freight shipping has become very popular. More and more people travel. Most of them choose the easiest and cheapest types of moving. It seems that flying is the best option for them. Even airfreight Kuwait gets more passengers every year, it appears that there are opposite opinions. Many people think that air freight shipping is not that good option. Whatever the conclusion is, you should pay attention to a few things.

  • The first on your list of essential reasons are the speed of traveling – and air freight shipping is undoubtedly one of the fastest on the world;
  • Safety is always on the list of the reasons why choose this type of transportation;
  • When it comes to the price, everybody will choose airplane, since they charge differently from other types of shipping;
  • Protection of the stuff should be on the list of your reasons to choose this moving;
  • Planes have the best logistic, so you can select one of these moving services Kuwait and make sure that you will have the best service.

However, traveling by plane has its falls. People are not sure about airports nowadays. After those awful situations with terrorism and air accidents, it is hard to explain to some people that they should travel by plane. So, before choosing (or not) this option, make sure that you have considered both sides.

Empty boats that proves how much air freight shipping is more popular
People choose air freight shipping for many reasons

Pros of air freight shipping

Thanks to the improvements in air traffic, it is much easier to travel nowadays. There are a lot of reasons to choose this type of transportation for your goods, too. Not only that, you will pay less. You will be able to travel much shorter and feel comfortable. Your assets, on the other hand, will be protected and packed safely for this transportation.

Consider the speed

For people who care about the speed of shipping, this type of ship is the best choice. You will surely send your goods faster than in any other kind of transportation. You will need only 1-2 days for shipping by plane. The same amount of products you will ship even 30-60 days by ship. It is the reason why more and more business movers Kuwait choose this option for their transportation.

Global reach is more significant with the plane

You will have more companies over the world using aircraft. When shipping by sea, you have only large ports available for loading. Also, even the most impoverished countries could invest in good airports, so shipping by plane become globally available. Logistic companies Kuwait have no limitations in using airports for loading cargo.

Air shipping is reliable

Looking at the statistic, we can say that shipping by plane is the safest option. Since only 15% (or less) late in past years, you can be sure that your items will come to the destination on time. Less than 2% of companies canceled annually.

The tracking system is much better

Not only that, you can track your goods with GPS. You can also contact the pilot or cabin stuff when it is needed. However, the ship could lose signal on the open sea, and it could take for days or even weeks.

Air freight shipping
Some people worry about the safety in planes so avoid air freight shipping

It is cheaper

Let be honest, flying and air shipping are much less expensive than any other type of transportation. It does not apply only to ticket prices. There are many fewer cancelatons, delaying, and risks. You will save money on protection; there is less stealing in airplanes. Fewer items you can place in a warehouse for a while and send later. It is still cheaper than shipping by ship.

Cons of air freight shipping

No matter how much people in air transportation have improved their service, there will always be people who avoid this traveling. Not only that, they afraid of airplanes. They also worry about terrorism and possible problems in documentation checking on airports. However, for people who do not care about the speed of travel, it is not important which type of traveling they use.

The ship is cheaper – at first glance

Yes, you will pay much less sea shipping than the air one. The calculation is straightforward. They charge per volume, while air shipping charge per weight. But, it is only a necessary cost. There are a lot of additional or unexpected expenses that increase the price.

Size and weight limitation

You cannot transport everything by plane. They have significant weight and size limitations or charge much more for more substantial items. On ships, you have large containers, so that problem is solved.

Air shipping depends on the weather

It causes less than 2% of cancelation, but still, the weather can decline your transport. On the other hand, you can transport on trucks or ships in almost every circumstance. It is vital if you are in a hurry.

Baggage at airport
Air freight shipping still depends of the weather

Verdict – consider of using air freight shipping

Taking all in mind we can say that traveling by plane is the best option for transportation. Also, air shipping improves its service every day. Even if you are worried about safety, it is the safest type of ship nowadays. Recent events caused severe protection on the airports.

Consider time

In case your business depends on time, you should choose air shipping for transportation. Your goods will take on time, and without delaying or cancelation.

Price is significant

No matter which type of business you have, but the price is essential for transportation. Do not forget that you will have a lot of situations when you will need shipping on time. It costs more. On the other hand, you can save a lot of money on different types of shipping if time does not matter.

Protection and size of load decides

You should consider the size of the weight when shipping. Luckily, there is an available load calculator that helps in this situation. On the other hand, the size of the amount will help you to make the final decision. Airfreight shipping does not allow big packages and bulky items.