The most common shipping mistakes

Are you looking for trustworthy freight forwarders? This means you will need a reputable shipping company that can handle your cargo all way long. Besides, you expect from the shipping company to make it all efficient and on time. Finding high-quality shipping companies in Kuwait seems like a complex task. But if you contact our reliable shipping and logistic experts, you can avoid stress. If you give your cargo in hands of our professionals, there are no reasons to worry. Moreover, our professionals will know how to avoid the most common shipping mistakes. Otherwise, if you are a business owner and your plan is to keep your customers satisfied all the time, pay attention to shipping rules. After reading this article you can easily identify the most common shipping mistakes and give your best to avoid them.

How important is it to avoid the most common shipping mistakes?

When it comes to online business, shipping is one of its most important parts. But is it selling more important? The right answer is that shipping is equally important as a sale. However, many business owners underestimate the importance of shipping. It happens because they don’t understand that shipping is not all about delivering goods.

Shipping is not only delivering goods from point A to point B.

Shipping is more than just delivering a product and packages to the buyer. Believe it or not, shipping is included in purchase facts that will create overall customers’ experience. No matter is your customer what a certain product for a long time if sipping goes wrong, you are risking to lose your customer forever.

Also, if your commerce is connected with moving cargo from one country to another, make sure to avoid the most frequent shipping mistakes. Since you realize, shipping cargo worldwide is not that easy. There are many rules about shipping you need to follow. Therefore, those rules consider a huge variety of tasks that need to be done. First and foremost, you need to do logistics. What comes next is ensuring the safety of your cargo shipment. Remember, your cargo shipping to Saudi Arabia have to be handled professionally. Would you be able to handle logistics and safety all by yourself? Or you will need the help of professionals?

The list of most common shipping mistakes to avoid

There are many reasons why your customer is dissatisfied after receive its shipment. From shipment that is late for days to the damaged product that needs to be returned, there are too many mistakes to pay attention to. So our Easy Move Kuwait decides to highlit the most common shipping fails you have to skip. Those are some of the reasons for your customer’s disappointment:

  • Improper packing that can cause a lot of issues
  • avoiding the shipping automation
  • insufficient shipping options in exchange for free shipping
  • incorrect shipping address
  • the inaccurate or estimated weight of the shipment
  • only one shipping carrier is one of the most common shipping mistakes
  • not maintaining delivery receipts
  • not having a transparent return policy is among those shipping mistakes that often happen that business owners commit.
The most common shipping mistakes
Take time and learn what you should not do in order to improve your business.

Shipment without proper packing

Improperly packing is not only an issue when it comes to online business. If you ever had to ship your personal items to Kuwait, then you know how important is to provide properly packing to your items. In both cases, improperly packing is connected with issues that will arise while shipping products and belongings.

No matter if you are preparing products or belongings for shipping, pay attention to its size. It is not all about regular packaging with an address on it. Nonetheless, you need to identify which products require what type of boxes and additional protection and cushioning. In case an item or product is not packed well, you can expect damages during transportation and delivery. This leads us to the already mentioned situation in case you are an online business owner. On the one hand, your customers will be upset for sure. On the other hand, you have to waste time replacing the damaged product and take costs for shipping it again.

Insufficient shipping options for the customers

According to recent studies, most people, especially women like free shipping options. Nevertheless, when it comes to shipping that lasts for days or even weeks, nobody is as excited anymore. What can you do to find a balance between these requirements?

Maybe most of your customers prefer to have express delivery?

If you are a business owner, sometimes you may want to provide cheap or free shipping to your customers. It seems like a likable option that may attract numerous customers. On the other hand, some customers will appreciate other factors over the costs. There is no doubt, sometimes they prefer to get their shipment faster and willing to pay much for this kind of service. So, consider adding options such as short delivery time or package security.

Even adding guaranteed delivery could attract some customers. As a business owner, you need to be more flexible when it comes to providing different shipping options to your customers. So, take time and analyze the factors that your customers will value more than low shipping costs. For sure providing various shipping options is a better customer approach.

Transparent return policy

This fact has one of the main roles in overall impression when it comes to your customer opinion. Most people used to look out for terms and conditions to return certain products. So, at the time of any improper functioning, damage during transport, or using the product, customers want to know their rights and options. Nowadays, the return policy is always handy and easily available. For instance, take a look at Amazon’s return policy for customers. Now you can understand why is this so important. It means that customers are allowable to know the returning process before anything goes wrong. Unluckily, if you do not have a visible return policy this can have a bad influence on your business. Not having a visible and easy to access return policy is one of the most common shipping mistakes that online business owners do.