The items you should never ship overseas

When you decide to move, you will have a lot of challenges ahead of you. From choosing reliable Kuwait movers, packing your whole home to learning what are items you should never ship overseas. Simply, there are certain things that can and can not go with you. Before you start packing, you should take a look at what you can ship overseas so you can decide what you will keep and what you will leave behind. Of course, there might be some other ways to ship those items, but you will need professionals to handle that!

There are different categories for items you should never ship overseas

So, there are different categories of items that you can not ship overseas. Some items are restricted, and there are certain items you can not import. There are items that are banned, and there are items that are forbidden. If you have an item that you need to ship, and it is in some of these three categories – it simply won’t be possible. If you have any issues, you can always find reliable sea freight companies in Kuwait that can help you. You can ask them all the questions, and also you can hire them for your relocation.

man holding a stop sign for all the items you should never ship overseas
Some items are forbidden, while others are restricted

You can’t ship perishable items

One of the biggest categories when it comes to the items you can not ship overseas is this one. A lot of goods simply can not be sent on such a long journey, and a lot of countries don’t allow to import any food or other perishable items. That includes even cans. The same goes for shipping from Kuwait to the UK. Simply, these items should never be shipped overseas. You are risking damage to your belongings since perishables can go bad. And you will have a lot of issues when you get your items. It is better to avoid these issues than to deal with them later.

You can not ship any type of weapon’s

A weapon is an item you will always find on the list of the forbidden items. Simply, it is not safe or allowed to ship any type of weapons overseas. Or by air. There are certain situations and rules on how you can ship weapons, but you should check that with your moving company or even better check the official website of your destination country. That way, you will be up to speed with everything, and you will know what you can and what you can not ship overseas.

On the list of items that you should never ship overseas are pressurized container’s

When it comes to shipping these items overseas, while they might not be strictly forbidden, they are considered dangerous to be shipped. Things like hair spray, shaving cream, insect repellent can cause a lot of problems if they get damaged in transport. They won’t damage just your items, they can damage items around your container as well. So before you decide that you want to risk and ship these items, you should talk with your moving company. They can give you the best advice on what to do, and that will also help you to see are they reliable, trustworthy, and honest.

picture of hair spray
Pressurized bottles should not be shipped overseas

Alcohol and tobacco are on the list of the items that you shouldn’t transport overseas

Although these items might not be on the list of forbidden items, they surely can be banned or restricted. Before you decide to ship your favorite tobacco or beverage, you should check does your destination country allows for these items to be imported. Some types of alcohol and tobacco are not allowed for import due to regulations. If you try to transport them without proper forms and documents, you are risking them to be confiscated and you to get fined. It is better to respect guidelines and ship overseas only what is allowed.

Do not transport overseas inflammable

One of the most important categories is inflammable. Things that are considered dangerous and that people often plan to transport overseas are paint, nail varnish, matches. These things are usually forbidden to pack and ship overseas. So our honest advice is to avoid shipping these items overseas or by air since they can cause a lot of problems, potential damage. These items can be found wherever you are going, and they are not worth the risk.

You can not ship animal skin overseas

Items that you can find on most of the forbidden or restricted lists are animal skins, especially of endangered species. Before you decide to ship these items overseas, you should make sure that you have all the documents that you might need. In case you need help to pack them, you can always look for professional movers that can assist you. Your items will be safe, in case you can ship them. As we mentioned, you can always ask professional moving companies in Kuwait for help. They will have all the information you need, and you will be able to know in advance what to do with these types of items.

Batteries should be on the list of items you should never ship overseas

Most people don’t know that they can not ship batteries. Batteries can be very dangerous. Due to temperature change, humidity – they can easily get damaged and cause a lot of issues. Most of the shipping companies will tell you this in advance since this is something important. There is no negotiation about this. Simply, you can not transport batteries overseas.

picture of batteries
You can not transport batteries overseas

Your relocation will be easier if you follow guidelines and ship overseas items that are allowed

When you are moving and shipping your belongings overseas, you will have to learn a lot. You will have to know what you can safely transport overseas. And what are the items that are banned, restricted, or forbidden? You can write everything down, so you can always pull out the list and decide is it possible to ship an item overseas. Do your best to follow guidelines and you can be sure that your relocation will be stress-free.