How to transport your IT equipment to Kuwait?

You’re moving to Kuwait and you want your most important belongings with you. For many people, it’s their IT equipment, cell phones, PCs, laptops, and other items that hold value to them. But what can you do to bring it to Kuwait? Well, we at Easy Move Kuwait have a couple of tips for you on how to transport your IT equipment. If you follow all the regulations, moving tips, and safety precautions that you can find it should be an easy task. Here are some things you need to keep an eye on when you transport the IT equipment to Kuwait.

Check if your items are prohibited in Kuwait?

Like every country in the world, Kuwait has its laws. For that reason, it might be prohibited to enter certain items into the country. That’s why you should always check the list of the Kuwaiti government before shipping anything. We know a lot of shipping companies that don’t warn their customers and create a lot of problems. In the worst-case scenario, you will be fined, and in the best, your items will be seized. So either way, it’s not a fun way to start your journey in Kuwait especially if you’re transporting expensive IT equipment. It’s a waste of money and you’ll lose your equipment and the data on it.

A man ytping
Check if all the items you want to transport are legal in Kuwait

Make an inventory before you transport your IT equipment

Like anything in life, it’s a good idea to have a plan and schedule. So why not make an inventory of your IT equipment? It will be very helpful in the long run as it can serve as a reminder. People usually make mistakes and that’s not a bad thing. However, losing IT equipment can be a costly mistake. That’s why every land transportation company Kuwait will tell you to have the list of items by you. Another way to make sure everything arrives safe and sound is to take photos of the IT equipment. By doing that you’ll have a guarantee that you didn’t damage or break anything while packing. In that case, the company that transports will be viable to repair your items.

Check if all of your IT equipment is working

Now that the harder is intact it’s time to check the software. You don’t want to have an unpleasant surprise when your IT equipment arrives in Kuwait. For that reason, plug your electronics before you transport the IT equipment to Kuwait. Nobody wants to go through freight forwarders in Kuwait only to have a PC or tablet that won’t turn on. There are always ways to check the health of your IT equipment, but the easiest way to do it is to just turn them on and off a couple of times. By doing that you’ll get some electricity in them even if they haven’t been working for a while. And above all, you’ll check if the equipment is working in an easy and safe way.

A man facing the computer
It’s a good idea to check if everything is working before transporting your equipment

Backup all of your data

Another good idea before you transport the IT equipment is to back up your data. In general, it’s not a bad idea even when not transporting but doing it from time to time will keep your data safe and you’ll be feeling better with everything you need on another device. So if you know you’re transporting your electronics that have sensitive back them up on google drive or other similar products in order to keep them safe and available at all times. Hopefully, you won’t need a backup, however, it’s better to be safe than sound as you never know what can happen during transportation.

Pack carefully before you transport your IT equipment

Like any item, you don’t want your IT equipment to get scratches and damages during transportation. For that reason, packing them accordingly is a must. Obviously, if you have the original boxes, that is a great sign as it has a design that serves to protect your equipment. However, that’s not always the case. Thankfully you can use boxes that are a similar size and utilize wrapping paper and bubble wrap that can serve as protection during transportation. Especially if your equipment is in transport by land you’ll need extra protection. You just never know what can happen, and expensive IT equipment can be hard and costly to replace.

A motherboard
Pack everything carefully in order to have it working when it arrives

Hire professional when you transport your IT equipment

In the end, it’s always to have professionals on your side. So why not hire professionals to help you? They have probably helped hundreds of people before you with a similar problem, and if they are from Kuwait they can help you understand certain regulations and laws that need to be respected. Above all, they can help you from start to finish as they can help you pack your IT equipment properly making sure nothing bad happens to it during transport. And who knows? Maybe they can recommend to you a company that will transport your equipment professionally and at an affordable price.

Taking care of your most precious items can be very difficult at times. Especially when you need to transport them to another country. Out of those items that are a must-have and that mean a lot to you is surely your IT equipment. Sending it to Kuwait can be hard as the country has a lot of rules and regulations, However, we hope that our tips and tricks helped you transport your IT equipment without any problems. Enjoy Kuwait!