Moving to Kuwait from NYC – how to do ti right

Moving to another state is fairly difficult. And you can experience a serious nightmare when relocating to another part of the world, such as moving to Kuwait from NYC. Only thinking of it can cause a headache. There are tons of issues to take into consideration. In the beginning, you will have to choose the most reputable company among loads of freight forwarders in Kuwait, which makes logistics an immense problem. In order to help you, we are here with our comprehensive guide.

Freight forwarders for moving to Kuwait from NYC

As with any moving company, you have to do a bit of research. Surf the internet, shop around or ask your acquaintances. You don’t want your goods to get stuck at the customs or damaged during the process of transportation. You need a renowned freight forwarder that will assist you with all the red tape and logistics

Steel containers with goods on the container dock
Find a reputable freight forwarder that will guarantee your goods are safe.

So, how much does moving to Kuwait from NYC cost? It depends on the volume of your belongings. The more space they occupy in a container, the higher the price is. Apart from your furniture and appliances, which undergo an ordinary tariff, car shipping services fall into a different category.

Warehouses when relocating to Kuwait from New York

A good moving company should provide you with storage services. As the relocation from NYC to Kuwait is a big deal, you would like the most reliable warehouse Kuwait has in its offer. But how do you choose the right storage?

First, check how much space you need. It will be easy to estimate since you will know the volume your goods are taking in the shipping containers. 

Second, mind the temperature and air humidity. Electronic devices are sensitive and require additional care. You have to find a warehouse where the temperature can be regulated with some devices, such as air conditioning. 

Customs clearance during relocation from NYC to Kuwait

Reputable freight forwarders will offer you assistance with the customs issues. They should give you all the details about moving goods to Kuwait, i.e. what can be transferred easily and which things delay the process of customs clearance. 

In most cases, the documents you need for the customs are as follows:

  • the passport and relevant pages with the entry stamp and residence permit
  • the visa
  • the bill of lading or air waybill
  • the NOC (no-objection certificate)
  • the detailed inventory
  • the power of attorney for agencies to deal with the clearance
  • other documents related to the process of relocating to Kuwait from New York

Note that electronic items, medications, chemicals, and tobacco may delay the customs clearance process because of additional checks and approvals of the governing bodies. 

The company shall also warn you not to bring the following:

  • weapons, ammunition, and explosives
  • pork, alcohol, and narcotics
  • controversial material either printed or electronic
  • other stuff that might screw up the relocation from NYC to Kuwait

Where to live in Kuwait?

As an American moving to Kuwait from NYC, you will probably live in the capital. That’s Kuwait City. The country and population are much smaller than the USA. Nevertheless, almost the majority of the capital’s citizens are expats. 

Unfortunately, Kuwait’s laws impose restrictions on foreigners who would like to own a property. But you can freely rent a place.

You ought to start with the people you know if any. Look for a good word of your acquaintance and recommendation of a friend of your friend. You will see it isn’t very difficult to find a place where to live there. And most places are condos and high-rise apartments, just like in New York. 

If you opt for rental agencies, make sure you get the best deal. They can be pretty expensive, so contact several and compare the prices and quality. We recommend that you do that prior to the relocation from NYC to Kuwait so that you don’t spend much time in the temporary accommodation there. 

How to find a job in Kuwait?

Kuwait is a rich country. Its economy boasts extremely high income. Numerous statistical data have placed Kuwait on the list of top ten countries according to the GDP per capita. That’s why relocating to Kuwait from New York is a lucrative idea.

A person looking for a job online before moving to Kuwait from NYC
Search for employment opportunities before you move to Kuwait.

And to live that dream, first, you have to find a job. You should look for numerous job opportunities before moving to Kuwait from NYC. The internet has made it possible to have all the applications, interviews, meetings, and negotiations online. However, if you are moving your business there, you will probably have to travel there a number of times to make sure everything is fine and according to laws. 

Remember: teaching, engineering, and services are professions with the largest number of vacant positions. Some of them might be waiting for you. Kuwait is currently looking for new English teachers, which can be a great opportunity for you as a native speaker. What is even more interesting, there are many calls for cooks as the need for international cuisine has risen due to the relocation of people from all over the world. 

After relocating to Kuwait from New York

A huge number of expats live in Kuwait. Find expat groups on social networks and start liaising with them. They will give you invaluable advice. And spending time with your blokes will make the relocation from NYC to Kuwait a lot easier.

Kuwait Towers and the sea
Enjoy Kuwait’s beauties!

Don’t forget about the Kuwaiti neighbors. You are coming to live in their homeland. And who can show you around and present Kuwaiti culture better than the domestic citizens? They know best where to buy cheap groceries or where to find home supplies. 

And be prepared for culture shock after moving to Kuwait from NYC. Learn about the nation and traditions. Respect them and immerse yourself in all Kuwait’s beauties.