How to Find A Proper Rental in Kuwait?

It is not easy to find a proper rental in Kuwait. It could be even harder for expats. However, your relocating to Kuwait does not need to be so hard. Do not worry about things that somebody has already resolved. There are a lot of agencies and services that could help you. In most cases, you will need to follow the guides for renting, like in every other country.

  • You need to find a place that is close to work;
  • We do not need to mention that you must find a proper rental in Kuwait that is cheap and favorable;
  • Like in any other country, you need to have a good neighbor – you should decide if you like more to surround yourself with expats or domestic population;
  • It is crucial to pack and move fast, so you do not have time to look for the home too long – however, you can change it later when you learn about the new place and country;
  • Maybe the most important for the people that start to live in a new home is safety – you need to find a site that is safe and protected.

Finding a new place is always stressful and hard. You need to research things thoroughly, make proper preparation. Also, do not forget things like people in your neighbor and work. They will help you to organize better. If you are lucky, you will find people that will become your friend. Good neighbors could make you feel like at home.

Condominium that could help you to find a proper rental in Kuwait
There are a lot of houses for rent in Kuwait

You should prepare well to find a proper rental in Kuwait

Like in any other job, you should make a new home. In most cases, you will find the best home if you do proper research. It is essential if you move to a country that you do not know at all. So, try to learn as much as you can. Research about the part of the city you go to live in. Ask people at forums about their experience. Do not forget to learn about the habits and behavior there, too.

Start from the people, not agency

Rental agencies have high prices for finding a suitable apartment. Even then, they do not have the best things in the offer. There are a lot of spaces that only people from neighbor know. So, do not hesitate to ask people that provided you one of moving services Kuwait. Some professionals offer spaces in Kuwait. Their job is to connect people. They call them mandoob. You can also ask taxi drivers.

You can hire a real estate agency, too

It is not wrong if you hire an agency. However, do not pay too much for their service. It is also best to find a local real estate agency. They have specialized their neighbor the best.

Prepare money for founders

In case you have used the services of the local people, you need to pay them for their help. It is not too high a price. In most cases, you should spend 30-50 dinars. Do not avoid it. Consider it as a service that you need to pay for. Like you have paid professional packers.

Pay attention to details if you want to find a proper rental in Kuwait

Like in any other country, people who rent will hide something from you. They will ask the highest price they can. Also, you could make a mistake by choosing the street or part of the city. Maybe apartments two blocks away cost significantly lower. All you need to know before renting.

Be aware of scams

Finding the right place presuming to work with the people you do not know. You move to a new country, too. There are a lot of opportunities to face with scams. Prepare for it, and be extremely careful. You should ask somebody from Kuwait to help you.

Prepare for different conditions when renting in Kuwait

Prepare for cleaning

People in Kuwait do not have an obligation to clean and renovate the apartment before moving like in the US. So, you should prepare the money, or yourself, for cleaning. It should not be expensive, though.

Ask the landlord to install a new toilet

You will not see the western type of toilets in Kuwait. They have entirely different installation and usage of it. For expats, it could be strange and very confusing. To prevent it, ask the landlord to install a western type of toilets. In most cases, they will do it before you even ask.

The same is with the kitchen supplies

Although people in Kuwait do not live much differently than people from the West, they organize cooking and eating conversely. You may feel a little confused at first. The easiest way to prevent that is to install a western type of kitchen.

You should recognize warnings if you want to find a proper rental in Kuwait

It is hard to acknowledge signs when renting an apartment. People always hurry to find the best option, so forget essential things. Also, you may make a mistake and rent too cheap space that is not comfortable. So, pay attention to some details there.

Ask for parking space

Parking could be difficult in some cities and parts of the cities. It is the same as in any other country. Parking space, though, increases the price significantly. However, if you will use your car, you should pay for it.

Apartments do not always have air conditioning

It sounds weird, but one of the hottest countries in this part of the world do not have air conditioners in flats. The reason is in their walls and windows. They mostly use natural cooling. So, you will see double glazed windows instead of air conditioning. In case that you still want them, you should demand from the owner.

It is always hard to find renting a house in a new city

Investigate the neighbor

There are cities and parts of them that have boisterous neighbors. So, if you want to find a proper rental in Kuwait, research them carefully. Look for the swimming pools or night clubs, for example. Also, there are F-flats, specially made for men and women. It means parties and noise.