How to pack fine art and collectibles?

We all love our homes for the comfort and convenience it attaches to every piece of furniture or household appliances. But we certainly have a special love for beautiful antiques, collectibles and art objects among them. The desire to own the latest, modern and brilliant elements of modern design and technology often gives way to the need to fill our homes with unique items that tell a story and add this special nostalgic beauty. Most of them are not valuable just for their price. But also for their sentimental value or for the efforts made in the search for certain items. When it comes to moving, it becomes a little more complicated. Especially if you are moving fine art and antiques overseas. The following tips will tell you how to pack fine art and collectibles.


Providing appropriate packing is the key to ensuring that your antiques or collectibles are safely moved to your new location. All of them require special packaging for various reasons:

  • Some have an unusual shape; and others you must protect well against scratches, chips or blobs.
  • Fragile antiques, such as porcelain and crystals or tender, for example, paintings, you must pack and transport to wooden shipping boxes with protective material.
  • For the move of antique furniture, you should use standard or custom-made transport boxes. The elements will be secure and well protected from shocks during transportation.
  • Other materials to pack fine art and collectibles are cardboard boxes with double and triple walls, kraft paper, moving blankets.
  • To ensure safe transportation, you can also fasten loose parts and drawers, remove glass panels, mirrors or other removable parts and pack them separately using a stretch wrap.
  • Use detailed labeling for each item and for each drawer so that you can more easily collect everything together.
Wooden box
Pack fine art and collectibles in wooden boxes – your items will be well protected from shocks during transportation

You should move your antiques very carefully. You can pack your antiques yourself or leave it to professional packers and movers. If you prefer hiring professionals, be careful when deciding which movers to hire. The unreliable movers are the one you need to keep an eye on. They can become careless or not pay enough attention simply because they don’t appreciate the real value of your antiques.

What to do after you pack fine art and collectibles?

Packing your fine art and collectibles is simply not enough to protect them. There are also some other steps that can ensure that your valuable items will reach their destination safely.

Protect the value of your antiques

Moving companies are responsible for the damage or loss of the goods they transport. And each customer can choose between two different levels of responsibility. The Release Value is the basic coverage of limited liability, which is the second option. The first one is Full Value Protection that you receive automatically when signing a moving contract. You get limited liability at no additional cost. But, as you can imagine, it is unlikely to cover the real value of your goods. All-inclusive moving services Kuwait guarantee that you will get a complete coverage.

A good idea is that qualified personnel evaluates your items. The best way to find an appraiser is by recommendation of a lawyer, an insurance agent, or a bank official. Expert evaluation will allow you to get an accurate assessment of the real value of your collectibles and art objects. As well as to purchase the Full Value Protection for the move. This type of moving responsibility is an affordable option for peace of mind. In this case, if some of the items are lost, damaged or destroyed during transportation or at any other stage of the transfer process, they will be repaired, replaced or you will receive a cash settlement at the cost of repair.

Paper, pen and calculator
Make sure you have a good insurance deal, since you don’t want to pay extra in case something breaks

Find the right movers

No need to tell you why you should hire professional art handlers. You already know how important that is. Looking for a moving company that can handle antiques is a difficult, but important, task. Especially if you want to ensure a smooth move for your antiques. The process itself includes filling in the number of moving quotes, reading moving reviews on the Internet. As well as long calls with representatives of moving companies.

Do not sign the cheapest offer, but rather look for higher quality of service. Reliable movers are more expensive, but you will feel safe knowing that your favorite antiques are in the right hands. After you find reliable movers in Kuwait, you should invite their representative to your home. Point out all antique furniture, collectibles, and works of art among the things that you need to move. Smaller collectibles, such as small jewelry, small sculptures, coins, cash, and documents, should go with you on a moving day. Place them in the original packaging or in sealed plastic bags. If necessary, wrap them in soft tissue or padding and place them in cardboard boxes.

And after your items arrive

The first thing to do when your antiques finally arrive at your new home is to carefully check each item. If some of the elements are missing, immediately report this to your mover so that they can locate it. If something is damaged, check it before signing the receipt. And then try to solve the problem with the movers in accordance with the terms of your insurance.

Moving fine art and collectibles is always difficult. You do not want your valuables to be treated like any other items or, worse, damaged while moving. Following the above guide, you can avoid traps and achieve a smooth and safe transition to a new home. Or you can let Easy Move KW pack fine art and collectibles for you. That way you can be sure your items will be completely safe during your move.

Girl painting
And that you can continue to enjoy your pieces of art