Moving From Kuwait to Dubai – How To Do It?

Moving from Kuwait to Dubai could be very interesting. It is not just packing boxes in Kuwait and board the plane. On the one hand, those two countries have similar cultures and religions. On the other, they are different and have specified. If you have lived in Kuwait, you should easier adapt to the culture and living in Dubai. However, prepare for special preparation.

  • You will surely need a visa, no matter which part of the world you come from;
  • Moving from Kuwait to Dubai is as any other moving, so you will need to transfer your stuff and baggage;
  • Shipping from Kuwait to Dubai is not easy and cheap, so prepare for high costs.

However, in most cases, people move to Dubai for work. It means that you will change the job and surroundings. For many people, it is the most difficult. So, before moving, learn how to adapt to this country. Especially if you have moved from Kuwait.

You will need a visa for moving to Dubai

You should follow the law when moving from Kuwait to Dubai

It is not easy to move from one country to the other. Especially if they are so different as those two. However, for expats, things are never easy. You must follow the law and procedure for getting a visa and other things. It is even harder if you move with the family.

Legal requirements

Like in any other country in the world, you will need a legitimate passport to live in Dubai. People from the US, Canada, and Europe need a visa that you can get on the board. Most of the permissions they give for 90 days, but after that period, they will extend on three years. It is the maximum duration of visas for expats. However, you can continue it as much you can if you do not make trouble. There are a lot of logistics companies in Kuwait that could help you with this.

If you move for a job you should open a bank account

First, you will need to open a bank account. You can also use one of the international bank funds. However, this option mostly uses students to get money from family. Do not worry about moving itself. Business movers Kuwait helps people to move offices and businesses in Dubai every day.

Prepare for lot of paperwork before moving

Living after moving from Kuwait to Dubai is entirely different

Although those two countries have similarities in culture and religion, you will see a lot of differences. Dubai has many more expats and people from the western world. Their economies are also different. On the other hand, most of the amenities are the same.

Kuwait and UAE share the same culture and religion

Dubai is more expensive

Moving from Kuwait to Dubai could be disappointing. You should know that Dubai will be much more costly than Kuwait. It is not so bad, but it could be a problem. For people who want to live there with family is hard to fulfill strict law. They must have a high salary for it. In case you need a new job, contact the UAE recruitment agency.