How to manage your storage units?

Do you want to move, but you have too much furniture? How to move all those boxes? It is simple. You may hire international movers Kuwait and solve your problem. Moving can be so stressful, yes, but with the right company, it will be a piece of cake. Also, there is another problem. What to do and where to store your furniture while moving? You may rent a storage unit or warehouse for your business. The major question here is how to manage your storage units? So, let’s start with learning as soon as you can.

Renting storage units

The first step is renting, of course. You can also purchase storage in Kuwait. Which documents do you need for renting and what to consider?

  • The size of the storage unit – First, you should know what you will store inside. Take inventory of your items, all of them, small and large. Then you should know how much space you need.
  • The cost of renting- It depends on the size, location, and conditions. The bigger storage unit you rent or buy, the more you will pay. Storage unit conditions also play a role. Manage your storage units and find a good and reasonable price.
  • Documents for renting a storage unit -You will need ID, contact information, and insurance.

Manage your storage units with this simple guide

How to rent more storage units, how to people know about you and your services? Learn how to be more effective. If you have storage units for rent, you should learn how to make more money. And, of course how to have satisfied customers. Manage your storage units like any other business. This means you should manage your expenses including maintenance, property taxes, utility, and insurance. Do not forget about office supplies, telephone, and security services too. If you have storage services for rent, make sure you have the most of the makings of a reliable warehouse.

"For rent" sign.
How to rent storage units and give customers high-quality storage solutions?


Safety and security

Invest money in the security system. It will pay off, for sure. Safety is number one for the customers. Pay attention to the protection of the buildings and invest in that. Alarm system, cameras, security people, fire alarm, fire equipment…each of these items is important. For you and for the customers too.

Employee training

Your workers must be professionals. Organize employee training for them. They should learn how to give the best service and a good quality. It is not just about storing and packing, you should hire people with computer skills. Also, a knowledge of how to run a storage unit is important too. You should also create in-house training, so inexperienced workers could do their job right. Introduce them to your business goals. Good workers are a half of the work. Your services must be high quality. 

A good marketing

What is the key to a successful business?  The answer is a good marketing. Of course, if your storage units are in the good location, it is an advantage. But, what to do if it is not? Sales, promotions, radio ads, TV ads…people must hear about you and your storage company. Use social media too. If you do not how to do a good marketing, hire a professional. It is a smart investment.

Phone management

Always have a phone with you. Customers want a polite, professional and informative person. Do not put them on hold, do not say NO to them, find a solution or recommend someone who may help them. Also, listen to them and avoid noisy areas while you are talking with them on the phone. Inform them about your sale and promotions you have currently.

Manage your storage units online

If you have rented a storage unit, nowadays many storage units have an account to manage your storage units online. It is a great option for your business. There are a lot of reasons why you should have this option.

  • You can control access to your storage unit which gives you safety. Make a list on your account who can enter inside. Also, you will receive a message if someone is trying to get inside. Protection is number one on your list. When you have control in your hands, it is much easier.
  • Pay your bill online, it is faster. Also, you will have a history of all your payments. The time is valuable, save it with online paying. If you need a receipt you can print it immediately. Many accounts have an option for autopayments. So, you will never be late with the payment and you will not forget to pay it.
  • If you have any question about storage units, payments or some kind of problem, you can send a message to the facility manager. When you learn what to expect from a top quality warehouse, then you will rent the perfect one for you.
  • Make a list of inventories. Write what do you have inside and how much. Sometimes it is hard to remember everything.

    Inside of the warehouse.
    It is an advantage if you can control everything in your storage unit.

Organize your storage unit

Organizing is also a part of management. The storage units or warehouses must be clean and in the good shape. You as a facility manager should be worried about it. On the other hand, if you have rented a storage unit then, you should take care of it and your items too. Manage your storage units and organize it. Cleaning and organizing your storage unit is one of the most important things. For example, put the shelves, make a list of all your items inside, keep it clean (especially if you have food inside).

Recycle bin.
If you want to manage your storage unit, it must be clean and organized too. That means you should get rid of unnecessary items.