Different types of shipping containers – do your research

Do you need to ship goods? Then you need the right shipping container. There are many different types of shipping containers you can choose, but you need just one kind according to your requirements. How to choose it, when you do not know what the types are? It is not a problem and it is not difficult, you can learn easily and quickly. Hiring shipping companies in Kuwait could also help you to choose a container and of course, they will ship your goods safely. Find a reliable freight forwarder and have a stressless shipping all over the world. Do your research about shipping containers before you spend money on it. So, what is important to know?

What will you ship?

First, you need to know what you will ship. After that measure the weight and volume. The type of your goods decides what kind and size of shipping container you will need. If you want to ship hazardous material, then you will need special services for the safety reasons. Sea freight specialists in Kuwait will know what the best solution is and the safest for you and your items too.

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The first thing you need to know is what will you ship.


Different types of shipping containers

There are plenty of types. They come in different material, dimensions, etc. We will show you 16 different types of shipping containers, and their purposes. These containers store various kinds of products. So, let’s begin.

Containers for shipping.

There are so many different types of shipping containers you can choose 

 #1 Dry storage container (standard)

This is the most common shipping container. You can choose a different size of dry storage containers according to your requirements and wishes. But pay attention 10-foot container because, for example, they may look the same as a first sign. But on the inside, they are not. A dry storage container is closed on every side and it has a door just in one side.

#2 Open top container

If you have high items this is the type of the shipping container for you. It does not have a top (it can be removed) so you can put goods without problems. Common dimensions are 20′ and 40′ and the materials are steel and wood for the floors. It is much easier to load and unload high and heavy items from the top with the crane.

#3 Flat rack container

Flat rack container does not have the top. Also, it does not have all the sides (it has 2 sides and the bottom). If you need to ship pipes or engines or any other high big items, this is the perfect solution for that. They are made of steel, so your goods are safe. Do not worry.

#4 Open side container

This type of shipping container has the door on the wider side so you will have much wider room for loading. As you can see, there are many different types of shipping containers and each one of them is special and has its own purpose. Here you can open two large bi-fold doors on both ends.

#5 Tunnel container (tunnel-trainers or double enders)

This type is similar to open side container. The only difference is the place where the doors are.  In this case, the doors are on the narrower sides of the containers. When both doors are open the container looks like a tunnel. It is practical than dry storage container because you can unload items from both sides. You do not have to unload all items to reach last items at the back.

#6 Double doors container

It has one door on the wider side and the second door on the narrower side and it makes it more accessible than dry storage container. This type is a flexible and efficient storage solution.

#7 Thermal container (insulated container)

If your goods need higher temperature thermal containers are for that. Some plants, for example, need to have high temperatures. For a long distance transportation of goods, this is the necessary item to have. Especially since you have already invested a lot of money on goods and business.

#8 Refrigerated ISO container

Similar to the thermal container, refrigerated ISO containers have controlled low temperature. If you have food, arts, or any type of goods that require a special temperature this is a solution for you. Perishable materials need to have a special treatment.

#9 Cargo storage roll container

It is for transporting sets. You can also transport stacks of materials.

#10 Tanks

Tanks are commonly used for the transportation of liquids (water, drinks, oils, milk, chemicals…). And because of that, they are from steel or any other anti-corrosive materials that can prevent the liquid inside from spoiling.

#11 Drums

It is a circular shipping container and it looks like drums. They are also used for transport of liquid materials.

#12 Half-height container

The word is saying all. It is a container with a half-height and open top. Usually, they are used for coal. It is easy to unload and load the products.

#13 Intermediate bulk shift container

It is a special storage shipping container for intermediate shipping. They can carry big amounts of materials without problems. After that, the goods can be packed and send to the final destination.

#14 Car carriers

If you want to ship your car you can use car carriers. Prepare your car and you can ship it wherever you want. Just try to find and hire a reliable shipping company. Cars can fit in those containers safely without any scratch.

#15 Swap bodies

You can find them in Europe. They are useful (not standardized shipping containers). A strong bottom and a top that is convertible describes this container.

#16 Special purpose container

If nothing is the perfect solution for you, you can order a special purpose container just for your needs. For example, if you want to ship weapons.

Shipping company with lots of shipping containers.
Now you just need to find a good and reliable shipping company

Find a good freight forwarder and ship your goods internationally to expand your business. Now when you know what the types of shipping containers are and how you can use them, everything is much easier. When you need a warehouse between your shipping or to store your goods, choose a top quality warehouse in Kuwait and learn what you can expect. Good luck.