Making an inventory list for air shipping – simple guide

We live in a globalized world with a globalized economy. Items manufactured in Bangladesh end up in shops in Italy for buyers from Kuwait. The whole world, its oceans, and skies are now interconnected and interdependent logistical chains that span the globe. It is, no doubt, a marvelous time to be alive. But with all of that possibility, everything just gets so much more complicated. You want to take advantage of what the global economy offers you, but you are not sure how. It just looks too difficult to send stuff by ship or a plane (we will be focusing on air transport in this particular case). So what do you do? Well, you get informed on exactly how you should go about making an inventory list for air shipping.

Luckily, we will be providing you with exactly that. No matter if you are someone shipping your own personal things in relocation or a seller of goods. Our advice will hold firm and prove useful either way.

Making an inventory list for air shipping – documentation

Before you get your items on an air freight Kuwait, you need to have your documentation ready. Not only will you have to have an inventory, but also finishing address, state of the items, your personal information etc.

Making an inventory list for air shipping - documentation
Be sure to keep good progress on your inventory management

Be sure to be updated on all of these before you proceed.

Communication with your warehouse, storage, or mover

As your items are most likely in a storage or a warehouse, you will need good communication with a local manager to get your things halfway around the world. You will find that there are many excellent, business-oriented messaging apps

Communication with your warehouse, storage, or a mover
Choose your apps! You need good tools for efficient communication.

Be sure to pick the right one. Ask your manager which one he or she prefers. After all, there is no much use in having a messaging ap if the other party is not using it (actively enough)!

Choose a good service

When doing a big operation such as air shipping, you need people you can trust. For example, you cant use a company that does not have the capacity to do air shipping. Or imagine the one with fraudulent intent, blank agreements, no license, etc… There are a lot of good, fair and honest moving services Kuwait. But, to get to those, you have to know what you are looking for. First and foremost you should be looking for a clearly licensed and well-presented moving company. Their website should be up to date and proof of license clearly displayed. Furthermore, reviews are to be read thoroughly. It is not the number of stars that really matters, it is the text of the review that will clarify exactly how crewman of this company acted. And of course, be sure to leave a review of your own on a job (well) done.

Possible prohibitions

There are a lot of items that problematic in some countries. Before you (as you should) give full attention to a detailed examination of the import laws of the particular country you are shipping to, you should know what items are usually considered problematic:

  • Chemicals. If, while making an inventory list for air shipping you find that you are shipping chemicals, you might need more papers. Chemicals of all kind, be it cleaning formulas, medication, cosmetics, they all present different challenges. A lot of countries have different standards, so be sure to check those.
  • Weapons. This one might seem obvious, but the definition of what is considered a weapon in a destination country might be different from the one you are shipping from. For example, sharpen blades on a HEMA sword could be a cold weapon in some states, and practicing sports equipment in other. Be sure to check carefully. This goes for a souvenir too.
  • Religiously and politicly sensitive material. Our world is a diverse place, and that is a beautiful thing But, this means that there is a lot of culture with their own moral compasses. Be sure that your item is not seen as problematic upon arrival.

To clarify

Will your services for moving boxes Kuwait load anything like this in the aircraft? Better think about these things sooner rather than later. And do not get us wrong. We are not saying to ship these items. Our idea is completely on the contrary. We simply want you to know what possible complications might arise if you don’t check the import laws of the country of destination with great care. Some states, for example, Kuwait’s neighbors, Saudi Arabia, holds the owner of the goods to be personally responsible and liable for shipped goods. Keep that in mind and do proper research and counseling so you can avoid any sticky situation.

Are you moving to foreign lands?

There are a lot of things to keep in mind if you are moving to foreign lands. Now, we didn’t want to assume anything. Therefore, and for that reason alone, we left this topic for last. It does not concern the craft of making an inventory list for air shipping directly, but it goes hand in hand with our tutorial on making an inventory list.

Are you moving to foreign lands
If you are opening your wings and flying to foreign lands, you should expect a few things.

So, do you have work with international movers? Well, that is only the beginning. While we talked about how professional moving company should act and be presented, that is not the only thing to keep in mind. Be sure to check on your countries forums about experiences of your compatriots in the country. What did they find shocking, what surprised them in a positive light, what major law is different… You should keep this in your mind. And also, be sure to understand that, when you live in a country as a foreigner, you are now fully subjected to the new laws. Be ready for change and try to “do as the Romans do”.

In conclusion

As final words, we should mention that you ought not to be scared by the challenge of making an inventory list for air shipping. There is nothing particularly complicated here. It is all step-by-step!