International Shipping in Kuwait: Everything You Need to Know

International shipping in Kuwait presumes a lot of steps and a long preparation. Unfortunately, only some companies have that severe approach to this process. Although customs clearance in Kuwait can cause problems and delays, international shipments into Kuwait are often associated with other issues. It is crucial to rely on Easy Move Kuwait, the company with respect and knowledge in this field.

Consider shipping time

You will have a lot of work to do – the paperwork, packing, cross-border delivery, preparation for customs clearance, and local delivery within Kuwait. It may take anywhere from 3 weeks to 4 months (or even more in some cases) to get a parcel delivered to your recipient. It could be good for you if you are flexible and can provide the gift on any other date.

What international shipping in Kuwait should look like?

It is possible to face thieves who work for the local postal service. There were situations when the packages were opened, and the contents were partially removed. In that case, the recipient only received half of the contents. In other cases, the gift was missing altogether, so they could deliver only wrapping paper or a carton, or the box went completely missing. This usually happens with packages that have no tracking at all. So, when shipping from Kuwait to UK, purchase at least a primary postal tracking option.

Ships used for international shipping in Kuwait
International shipping in Kuwait presumes a lot of steps and preparations.

It is possible to lose packages

Companies can lose small packages when shipping to Bahrain. The parcel tracking will help to prevent the loss of the whole package. You can also avoid losing your cargo by sending a big box weighing 1 kg (2 lbs) or more. The mentioned parcels could be processed separately under the official postal stamp in some countries.

Dangerous and sensitive items need to be sent separately

The primary goal of customs clearance is to prevent weapons, drugs, illegal products, and explosive materials from entering the country. Including the list of unlawful products here would be pointless, considering that it’s subject to change anytime, making it outdated. The paperwork must be completed appropriately and filed during shipping to speed up the process as much as possible. The procedure can be completely different if you hire the truck transport companies Kuwait has to offer. Customs officials have a legal right to inspect packages in detail. Unfortunately, in most cases, they will damage the gift wrap.

Customs officials can open each package

Customs only normally open some parcels; these checks are somewhat random. When the declared gift value exceeds $100, the chances of it being opened are higher; therefore, the best shipping company in Kuwait organizes shipping accordingly. The company will surely open your package when it has an unusual appearance. They label it as a “secret”-looking box. It is essential if you have a thick layer of poly-foam. You should also avoid multiple visible layers of tape. It looks suspicious when you have a big box with noticeably small contents. Finally, gift contents that are shaking or knocking could also be questionable. A curious customs agent can pay attention to parcels with content that can be interpreted as powder.

Gourmet items are limited

When sending a gift containing a gourmet item, you are limited to sending non-perishable items. So things such as cheeses and fruits are out of the question. There are a few things to keep in mind when shipping these.

  • Items such as cakes or chocolates can likely melt in hot weather, as shipping depots in Kuwait are only sometimes air-conditioned.
  • Fragile items containing glass must be wrapped inconspicuously for international shipping in Kuwait.
  • When wrapped heavily, customs officials will likely damage the wrapping.

Cost of shipping

We can define several situations about imported items in Kuwait where the local market overprice them. Some brands of chocolates and electronics belong to the list of commonly expensive items. These items may cost much more than in your country. However, you must consider the costs of international shipping, packaging, and insurance when sending items. Also, they may sometimes be subject to additional fees like customs taxes/duties.

Learn about the regulations to avoid problems.

What if you organize shipping on your own?

Sometimes, you may pay much less if you organize shipping alone. If you send the item with a cost in your country of $100, packaging will cost around $10 (box, tape, gift wrap, etc.). In that case, delivery costs will be $60, as per the average estimate based on a parcel of 1 kg. Along with insurance of $10 (average estimated), and customs duties of $20 (20-25% on average), the costs could reach more than $100.

Gift delivery services can be more affordable

Sometimes, a gift delivery service can be cheaper than other options. For example, in a gift catalog, an item may cost $210, but the same item in your country can cost around $160. In this case, using a gift delivery service may cost an additional 15-25%, making buying such a gift and using the gift delivery service more affordable. This option offers several other benefits, such as guaranteed delivery to your recipient’s porch within 1-3 business days by real humans who will handle your shipment.

Custom Clearance

If the gift is over a specific value in most countries, it is taxable, and Kuwait is no exception. The non-taxable amount varies significantly from country to country and is subject to change anytime. It could happen even after you ship the gift to the recipient. People want to avoid hearing that some gift recipients have to file paperwork they cannot manage easily. And dealing with customs clearance in Kuwait could inconvenience some individuals.

It is crucial to learn more about customs clearance.

Learn more about the shipping

The sender must learn about the VIP recipients and the additional taxes they must pay to customs. Procedure forces some recipients to do so since they fear disappointing the seller. Furthermore, they feel an obligation to keep the gift regardless of the hassle, time, and money it takes. However, if you learn about the procedure and costs, you will avoid common problems in this field. All in all, international shipping in Kuwait is much easier when you possess adequate knowledge.