International Heavy Machinery Shipping: A Guide

Whether it’s a bulldozer,  forklift, paver, or concrete mixer, shipping heavy machinery can be quite a big task. However, it doesn’t mean it has to be difficult as it may seem at first glance! With Easy Move Kuwait, all you have to do is tell us what type of machine you need to transport and we’ll take care of the rest. In this article, we’ll explore the most important things you have to know when it comes to international heavy machinery shipping.

Methods of international heavy machinery shipping 

There are 4 main methods of international heavy machinery shipping, and we’ll break down each one. 

International heavy machinery shipping
When it comes to international heavy machinery shipping, check with your moving company what type of shipping fill best fit your machine

Container shipping

Container shipping involves loading the machinery into a standard shipping container, which is then transported by truck, train, or cargo ship. It offers several advantages. Security of the cargo, it’s easy to handle, and it’s also a less expensive option them some of the others. Just make sure to deal only with the most reliable heavy equipment movers to be extra safe.


This method, known as LoLo, involves using a crane to load and unload heavy machinery onto and off a ship. large and heavy pieces of equipment most benefit from this approach, as it allows for direct loading and unloading at port terminals without the need for specialized equipment. 


The RoRo method involves loading the machinery onto a specialized cargo ship, which is then transported to the destination port. RoRo ships are equipped with ramps that allow for the machinery to be driven or rolled on and off the ship. It’s best used for vehicles, construction equipment, and other heavy machinery. 

Flat rack shipping

The flat rack method involves loading the machinery onto a flat rack, which is a sturdy, open-top container that can be loaded and unloaded with a crane. This method is suitable for large, heavy, and irregularly-shaped items and equipment, such as construction equipment, wind turbine components, and mining equipment. The flat rack method can be more expensive than standard container shipping. However, it offers more flexibility and can handle oversized and special cargo.

Heavy machinery
Not all types of international heavy machinery shipping are the right choice for every type


There are a few key steps you should take to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of your international heavy machinery shipping. You must refer to the owner’s manual of the machinery to learn the manufacturer’s packaging preferences. Secure any loose part, so that it doesn’t swing or hit anything or anyone. Drain all fuel and fluid, as the friction while loading may cause sparks to fly off. Cover all exposed areas from air and other elements, and also disconnect all batteries and alarm systems. All international shipping companies in Kuwait will help you with these tasks.

Customs and documentation 

Always prepare all the appropriate documents for international heavy machinery shipping. Countries often have different regulations for cargo that enter their borders. This ordeal might be a bit expensive, so get to know the charges in advance to avoid complications. The freight forwarders in Kuwait you choose to do business with will definitely help you with this task!