Important documents that you need for moving day

Moving is a complex and stressful event as-is. There is no need to complicate it furthermore by forgetting documents that you need for moving day. However, trust us, that happens often. More than people would like to admit. This has the consequence of adding fuel to the fire and causing even more stress during moving day.

Stressed out woman
Forgetting to pack your personal documents can just aggravate the stress of the moving process.

So if you want to avoid all of these troubles, you have come to the right place. We wrote this article with exactly you in mind. This post presents an ultimate checklist of the documents you must never forget to bring with yourself when moving day comes because you will most certainly need them.

Gather all the documents that you need for moving day

First, make sure you gather all the most important documents that you need when you decide to pack and move. So what does this mean? Well, there are a number of documents that you will want to bring, depending on your circumstances. Now, without knowing you, with all your personal preferences and intricacies, we are going to create a general list of recommendations that we think every person should aspire to bring with themselves. So when moving day comes you are covered and not in worry of any missing documents popping up on your mind.

So with that in mind, we present to you the most important documents that you need for moving day.

Personal documents

documents that you need for moving day
Having a personal ID with you at all times during the move is paramount.

As a matter of course, the most important documents you need to bring with yourself are personal documents. However, the reason for carrying each of the personal documents on your person during the move differs vastly depending on your circumstances. For example, if you’ve hired international movers Kuwait. and decided to move internationally, you will most certainly need to bring a passport with you. There is no other way if you want to be allowed to cross the border.

Another good example would be not to forget your social security card during the move. The reason for this is if have a scheduled meeting for your new job, they will most likely ask you for your social security card. Or, if you are a new college student, they will also probably want to ID you by using your social security card.

Simply put, if you are going to visit employers, academic institutions, and government agencies make sure you bring your personal documents so you can prove your identity.

Vehicle identification

One of the things that can go wrong when moving is forgetting to bring a paper that verifies ownership of your vehicle. So if you are in a situation where you are going to have to change states or even countries and get a new license plate, do not forget to bring the title of your car. This way you can prove ownership of the car which will boost the speed of the procedure of getting your new license plate.

Proof of residency

Another thing people tend to forget is either a lease or a homeowner’s insurance policy. Actually, any type of paperwork that proves ownership of residency is paramount to the moving process. Don’t forget to bring those items! Since you won’t be able to prove who you say you are.

Other miscellaneous documents that you need for moving day

As we have mentioned previously there are plenty of documents that you might need depending on your goals. Now the items mentioned above, are generally considered to be documents that are a must-have. However, there are some items you might decide not to bring, depending on your environment.

For example, if you are moving with kids you might want to consider bringing their medical records.  So if your kids are starting school right after your move, the enrolment process is that much faster if you have their medical records on hand. Another good reason to keep your children’s medical documents if they get sick during the move. Since kids have very fragile immune systems. So trying to prevent that by bringing medical documents and taking them to the doctor is a really smart idea.

Now we haven’t mentioned this above, but now that we think of it… You should also bring medical documents for you as well. This way, if something went wrong during the move, you can go to the doctors effortlessly.

Pet documents

A dog travelling in a car
Make sure to bring your pet documents so you can be safe that no hiccups will occur!

While on the topic of doctors, if you have pets, make sure to bring their veterinarian documents. The best way to help your pet adjust to a new environment is to prevent them from getting sick. The same logic applies as moving with kids. Dogs aren’t made to travel in cars and be locked in transporters for hours on end. That’s why their immune system might all be wired up and they might get sick. Or maybe they won’t. Maybe you just need to update their documents. For all of the reasons we outlined above, it is generally smart to bring with yourself pet documents.

Label the documents that you need for moving day

When we say label, what we actually mean is organize. Once you have gathered all your documents in one place it’s time for transport. Now because these are extremely important personal documents that you are going to be moving there are several tips to decrease the risk of losing those items.

Pack all of your documents in a special folder that is going to be used for that purpose. Make sure that the folder isn’t bulky, and that it will be easy to carry. Because that exactly what you are going to do. We recommend that you travel with all of your personal documents since that is the best way to ensure they don’t get lost in transportation, or get misplaced somewhere with the other luggage. However, as another safety precaution we recommend that you make copies of your personal documents and ship those normally, with your other belongings. This way, you are sure your documents will arrive safely with you!