How to ship musical instruments internationally with ease

Whether you are selling musical equipment online or you are a musician moving to Kuwait, shipping musical instruments require some special measures. Musical instruments are valuable, exceptionally delicate and usually very fragile. All that, together with their odd shapes makes them very tricky to safely ship internationally. The best way to ship musical instruments internationally is by using air freight Kuwait. They can also help you with all the required documentation, so your only concern should be to pack your instruments properly.

Shipping musical instruments internationally in original cases
Ship your musical instrument in its  original case

Prepare packing materials to ship musical instruments internationally

You should pack your musical instruments for international shipping in a way that the packaging can withstand the long trip, changing between different types of transportation and lots of tumbling along the way. That means you will need to use lots of quality packing materials. If you want your package to arrive at its destination in one piece.  So ask your moving services Kuwait if they can provide you with quality packing materials. That can save you a lot of time and trouble. If you don’t have to wonder around town searching for boxes and bags. Ask them and they will deliver your required materials to your doorstep.

To pack your musical instruments for international shipping you will need to prepare:

  • Moving boxes of appropriate size that has to be sturdy enough if you want to ship musical instruments internationally
  • Heavy-duty Shipping packing tape to seal your boxes perfectly
  • Brown wrapping paper to wrap parts of your instruments or to use it for padding
  • Wrapping plastic with bubbles to add extra protection to most sensitive parts of your instruments
  • Soft towels
  • Fragile or “Do Not Lay Flat” stickers to inform anyone who is handling your shipment to be careful
  • Foam peanuts to fill all the gaps inside the moving box
  • Plastic bags to keep small parts
A guitar waiting to be shipped internationally
Keep your guitar safe

Packing a guitar for shipping internationally

First, put your guitar to its original case. This is the most important part if you want your guitar to safely arrive in Kuwait. Guitar case has indentations according to your guitar shape and neck straps that prevent it to move.  Then you need to find a suitable moving box for your guitar case. Fill the bottom of the moving box with crumpled wrapping paper or bubble plastic and place the guitar case on top. Fill in any remaining gaps and close the box. Once you are done, shake the box to check if there is any movement inside. If there is, add more padding. You want to prevent any movement as much as possible. Seal the box with heavy-duty packing tape. In addition, place warning stickers on all sides of the box.

Shipping a drum kit internationally

Same as shipping a guitar, your biggest concern is to find sturdy enough moving box. And to fill all the gapes inside the box to stop your drums from moving during transportation. If you want to use packing peanuts for filling the voids, don’t just pour them into the box with your instruments. First, put peanuts in plastic bags and fill the gaps with those bags. Of course, when you are shipping a drum kit make sure that every drum has its own box. Loose parts could easily be damaged if you leave them mounted.  So, remember to unscrew all the moving parts. Moreover, make sure you wrap and pack them separately. Also, remember to put warring stickers on the box.

How to prepare a piano for international shipping

Packing and moving a piano for international shipping is not an easy task. If you are not absolutely sure that you know what you are doing, you better call professionals.  Moving a piano without professional help can lead to massive damage to your valuable instrument. But if you want to do it on your own, first you will need to make sure you wrap it in moving blankets and towels. Then, you can remove the legs. Every piano has a different way to remove legs. So make sure you know how to do it before you start wrapping it. Once removed, wrap each leg separately with towels and bubble foil.

How would professionals do it

Professionals will strap your piano to a skid board, which they then bolt to a platform. That way they ensure that your piano is not going to move. Once they secure it, they will construct a shipping crate around your piano. So, if you need to ship a piano, it is much better to do it with professional help.

Judges hammer and a scale
Know the laws

There are different regulations for shipping musical instruments internationally

Before you start shipping musical instruments internationally you need to get some knowledge about importing and exporting laws and regulations. Every country has unique laws and regulations regarding international shipping. If you are shipping to or out of Kuwait, local logistic companies could be of great help in this situation. Especially if you are not that skilled in handling complicated paperwork. One thing you need to be aware of is that shipping with shipping musical instruments, especially older ones, you are entering the shipping restricted material zone. That is most usually the case with ivory in pianos or with some types of wood.

Searching for a perfect shipping company to ship musical instruments internationally with ease

When you want to ship musical instruments internationally, you need to find a reliable shipping company that will suit your needs.  There are many international shipping companies that operate in Kuwait. But you need to find a reliable one, if possible, with good prices. Get shipping quotes and estimates from several different companies and then compare. But, when you are looking for shipping companies in Kuwait, you need to watch for red flags that will signalize you that you are not dealing with a trustworthy company.  Make sure that they have professional staff and that they have all proper licenses and credentials.