How to protect bulky items from damage during transportation?

When we move there are many things we need to take care of. One of those things is packing! How do we pack in order for our times to be safe? What is the best way to pack? How to protect bulky items from damage during transportation? So many questions and so many answers and opinions. But the best way to go around all of this stress is to contact Easy Move Kuwait. But if for some reason you can do that then we will help!

Why is packing important?

When moving it is only natural that all of your items should be carefully packed. Many cargo companies in Kuwait have their own unique way of doing it. They will make sure your items no matter how big or small, fragile or expensive are well protected. But if you ever find yourself wondering how to protect bulky items from damage, we are here to help!

Mother and dauther protect bulky items from damage with boubble wrap
In order to protect bulky items from damage, you will need a lot of bubble wrap and time for packing.


Before you start packing you will need to find packing supplies. And this is when you will look for boxes. The boxes should be big enough to fit your items, but never too big or small. The small part you understand but why can they be bigger? Well because that way you give space for your items to tumble and move. The best way is to get something big enough for the item and a layer of protection inside.

How to pack

In order to protect bulky items from damage place them on the bottom of the box. Cover them with towels or double wrap. Make sure you have taped down the bottom of the box prior to placing the item. There are ways for you to avoid doing any of the packings. And that is, hiring custom clearance services Kuwait. But many people still decide they want to do it alone.

People packing a box together
Make sure you label every box. This way your movers will know what boxes need special attention.

Tape and double wrap

Make sure that you are always using plenty of taking and wraps! If you at any point try and cut the corners the possibility of damage happening rises. Tape is a good way to secure the box from opening at an inconvenient time, and wrapping items ensures their safety.

Moving companies

Probably the best way to protect bulky items from damage is by hiring movers. Professionals have experience in dealing with items that need special attention. So when you contact the moving company info them of your needs and inquire about their offered services.

They will always do their best, giving you the opportunity to concentrate on other things. Moving is easier and less stressful when someone is helping you. Although your help can come in form of family and friends, people that are experienced have more value.