How to have environmentally friendly relocation

Maybe you have never thought about it, but the moving process apart from being complicated for all of its participants is very difficult for the environment as well.  Relocation is one of those rare situations where a person will waste a lot of resources in a short period of time with no intention of using them again. Luckily, Easy Move Kuwait has recognized this problem and started to apply different moving techniques and technologies to reduce the effects that moving has on the environment. Unfortunately, it is not all up to your movers. You are also responsible for the large portion of the moving process. Therefore, before you start organizing your move, think about the things that you can apply to have an environmentally friendly relocation. Here are some suggestions.

Large vehicles pollute our planet

Large fuel usage is one of the main reasons why moving is considered harmful to the environment. Unfortunately, if you are moving overseas via sea freight Kuwait you cannot do much to about fuel consumption. Despite the fact that cargo ships are one of the biggest polluters on our planet. But, if you are not moving overseas, trucks will probably be your only moving solution. Unfortunately, in most cases, large trucks are not fuel-efficient vehicles. And they will almost surely be engaged during a moving process. So what can you do to reduce their fuel usage?

Large moving truck
Large trucks need a lot of fuel to run.

Organize an environmentally friendly relocation by reducing the size of your moving inventory

Of course, the best way to reduce the usage of fuel during your move is to reduce the weight and overall volume of your inventory. But also to search for eco-friendly residential moving companies Kuwait to hire. Here is how this will affect the environment:

  • By reducing the weight of your inventory, the vehicle will need less power to haul your stuff. Thus, consume less fuel.
  • Reduce the volume of your inventory. You will have a chance to rent a smaller truck. Naturally, smaller trucks spend less fuel.
  • Finally, green moving companies use modern trucks that are more fuel-efficient. Moreover, they could own trucks that operate on biofuel. Hiring green moving companies is, of course, crucial to have an environmentally friendly relocation.

Reducing the size of your moving inventory is important. But how to do it properly?

How to shrink your moving inventory?

By now, you are probably aware that to have an eco-friendly move you need to declutter. However, if that reason is not strong enough to get you going, know that this can also positively affect your budget as well. Of course, to produce a stronger effect, you should mostly get rid of large and heavy items. Like furniture for example. But try not to skip smaller things as well. Here are some suggestions:

  • Organize a yard sale
  • Sell your items online
  • Offer your items to your local used furniture retail company
  • Donate your stuff
  • Recycle
Garage sale items
Organize a yard sale to sell your items and have an environmentally friendly relocation.

Get rid of your hazardous materials and items in an eco-friendly way

While you are removing your excess items, make sure to take care of dangerous items and products properly. Paints, paint thinners, fuels, oils, flammable materials, batteries, electronic waste or similar, need to be removed in an eco-friendly manner. In designated areas. Learn how to do it properly in your area. Before you start organizing your move.

Packing materials are also a big obstacle on your way to an environmentally friendly relocation

Decluttering will help you to spend less fuel on hauling your stuff. You can also earn some money by selling your stuff. But, decluttering has another important eco effect that may be overlooked. When you have fewer items to move, you need less packing materials. Even though cardboard moving boxes Kuwait are considered green, plastic bags, wraps, packing tapes, packing peanuts are definitely not. Decluttering will help you to have fewer needs for usual packing solutions. So, what can you do regarding packing materials and their usage?

How to consume less non-green packing materials?

Of course, getting rid of your excess stuff is the step in the right direction when it comes to packing material consumption. However, there are a few more things that you can do. First, you should think about the things that you already own that you can use to pack items. Think about these:

  • Travel bags
  • Suitcases
  • Buckets
  • Baskets
  • Drawers
  • Trashcans

They all could be used to move your stuff. But, when it comes to wrapping and padding consider using:

  • Blankets
  • Towels
  • Bedsheets
  • Socks
  • Newspapers

Unfortunately, in most cases, it is not possible to pack all your stuff this way. So, you will probably have to get some proper packing supplies as well. Luckily, these days, you can find a green substitute for almost every packing material you could need.

Pile of colorful towels
You can use towels to wrap your belongings.

To organize a green moving process, consider acquiring some of these solutions

  • Even though plastic doesn’t sound like a bio-friendly material at first glance, plastic containers are just that. They could be reused over and over again. They reduce the need for regular boxes. And they could be recycled if damaged.
  • Used cardboard boxes are also one of the green packing materials. But you can also locate boxes made from recycled cardboard
  • Packaging made from organic materials like cornstarch, mushrooms, seaweed, even beeswax or recycled paper.
  • Decomposable packing peanuts
  • Corrugated cardboard wrap can be used instead of bubble plastic.
  • Recyclable air pillows
  • Bags from organic fabrics like hemp, tapioca, palm leaves, and recycled cotton.
  • Pressure-sensitive or water-activated packing tapes are also renewable options. Consider using those instead of regular plastic packing tape.

You are not the only one moving. Organize and promote eco-friendly relocations

These are all good ways to have environmentally friendly relocation. Consider applying at least some of them during your next move. It may not look like you are doing much. However, remember that you aren’t the only one moving. Hundreds of millions of people do it every year.  If at least half of them would think about ecology, think about the effect it would have on our planet.