Packing liquids for a move

What is the proper way of packing liquids for a move? This is not a question people think about that often when it comes to planning the said move. What they usually preoccupy themselves first are things like hiring a good moving company to help them with their belongings and choosing a good moving date. Both of these tasks are obviously really important. Moving without a moving company can be a really frustrating experience depending on the distance of the move as well as the sheer amount of items you need to move. Then there are tasks such as moving your healthcare records to a new health center and moving your kids’ school records to their new school. When all these things are (at least mostly) said and done, the time comes for the next phase.

Packing liquids for a move is especially tricky if you are moving by airplane
Airplane have special regulations, so make sure to ask around in advance

Packing your home ie. you belongings is one of the most important things to deal with. While you can start packing before you find movers, you cannot move before you have packed. For a majority of people when they think of packing, they see it as this really simple task. However, whether you are relocating to Kuwait or from it, you must first make sure that you have packed your belongings properly. Since this is actually the most fragile phase of the move, it is something that cannot be stressed enough. Not packing your belongings in a safe way can make an otherwise well-planned move to a catastrophe. That is why we have prepared this text about packing liquids for a move with a short overview of some basic, universal packing tips. 

Before we begin, let us talk about planning the move as a whole

Moving is a process that can be really complex. There are, of course, countless different situations of people moving to a new home. From moving an apartment several blocks away to moving to another city, to moving to a neighboring country, and beyond. Each of these has its own special aspects that you should really think about carefully before starting with the move itself. The best way to this is to make a plan for it. So, what you should do is sit down and put on a piece of paper all the things that you have to do. Take your time and be sure that you will still have to add things to this list subsequently. You should even make a schedule of what task you are going to do and when.

Furthermore, every phase should get its plan on how you would complete it. The packing process needs a separate plan of its own if you want to do it in an efficient way. Packing your electronic devices is not the same as packing liquids for a move. Packing your books, clothes and kitchen items is also a completely different task. You need to think about which measure each type of these items requires. Then, you simply have to prepare accordingly and start packing. If you want to be extra effective, you should consider creating an inventory list for your items.

Are there any liquids that you should not move?

When it comes to packing liquids for a move, we are not talking just about the practicality of it, but also safety. Transporting your belongings means not just that you have to make sure that they are safe, but that also they cannot hurt anyone or damage anything during the whole moving process. Some examples of things that you can’t just pack in a moving box and be on your way are flammable gases and various potentially toxic substances. Something that we all sometimes forget about is that we actually have a lot of potentially dangerous things in our homes.

person pouring purple liquid on clear glass container
Flammable gases or toxic liquids are things you should not really move

Bleach, lighter fluid, paint and even nail polish remover are just some of them. If you are thinking about hiring air freight Kuwait, you need to ask about their safety regulations. Airplanes are a particularly sensitive mode of transport, so you really have to be super careful with them. If possible, you can try transporting them on your own in your car. Otherwise, it is best to dispose of them in a safe way and then just get new ones after you move. 

Now, how to go about packing liquids for a move?

As we have previously stated, different types of items require different methods of packing. When it comes to packing liquids for a move, you can really feel the difference in comparison to, let us say, books for example. To pack liquids in a safe way, you will thus need to get some specific things. You can and probably will use cardboard boxes for your books, clothes, etc, but you will need plastic ones for your liquids. Cardboard boxes are simple and clearly suitable because liquids, if they spill, will go through them. Plastic bins and containers, on the other hand, are simply perfect for this task. However, you still must make sure that they are properly encased. Firstly you need to put the liquids into the plastic containers.

closeup of soda bottles beside basin
Do not ever pack liquids in such a way that there is a risk of them mixing with each other.

You should pack every liquid separately. Do not pack them in such a way that there is a risk of two or more liquids mixing with each other. That can be a really potentially dangerous combination and you do not need that risk honestly. No matter the potential worth of a liquid, you should better get rid of them if you cannot pack them properly. There is always an option of hiring professionals to pack for you. Otherwise, check that liquid containers’ lids and covers are all properly sealed. The next step is to then take those plastic bins and put them in Ziplock bags. Several layers of protection are more than welcome. Chemicals are something that one should never play with, so after you put them in Ziplock bags, you can then put those bags in an upright position in a plastic bin.