Why moving insurance matters?

If you’re preparing for a move, surely you are thinking about ways to protect your possessions. And you’re right. There isn’t a situation in life where your items will be in greater danger than when you are moving.  However, some relocations are more difficult than others. If you’re moving just around the corner, your items won’t suffer that much like when you are shipping to Qatar from the US, for example. Still, your items might end up damaged even during the shortest relocations. Luckily, there are ways to lower the risks. Choosing reliable movers is probably the best measure that you can take. Proper packing is also mandatory. Unfortunately, even the best movers and skillful packing can’t guarantee that your items will arrive at their destination untouched. That is why moving insurance matters. It’s the only way to be sure that you won’t lose any of your items while moving.

Moving insurance matters even if you manage to hire the most reputable moving company

People take all sorts of precaution measures to protect their items during a move. Hiring a reputable moving company is probably one of the first things that come to everyone’s mind. And that is the right way of thinking. Unfortunately, this measure is just a good way to lower the risks of moving. As you know, an accident can happen even to the most superior professionals. In any line of work. And it is the same when moving.

Using sea freight Kuwait to ship your items overseas is a good example of this. They are one of the top shipping companies worldwide, but especially in the Persian Gulf region. So, people might think that by hiring them for an overseas move all the risks to their items are gone. However, rough sea conditions can easily prove them wrong. That’s why moving insurance is important.

Cargo ship on a bad weather
The rough sea could affect your items

If you are shipping your items across the globe, moving insurance is mandatory

Ok, but what if you hire the most trusted shipping company, apply the best packing materials, and hire professional packers? Is that a good way to protect your items 100% during an overseas move? Well, it depends where you are moving, and what will be the route of your ship. If you’re moving to Kuwait from Pakistan, for example, rough sea conditions are rare. So you can expect that there won’t be any large waves that can disturb the ship too much.

However, if you’re moving to Kuwait from China, your ship will have to pass through some of the world’s toughest sea routes. Like the South China Sea or the East Indies. From 1999 to 2013, there have been almost 300 shipping accidents with sunken ships in this region only. Forty percent of those are cargo ships. That’s when even the best packaging solution won’t help, only insurance.

Road accidents are one of the most common ways in which items get damaged

But, maybe you are not moving overseas. Maybe you are moving to another city in Kuwait. That is when good moving boxes Kuwait and through packing can make a difference. Unfortunately, Kuwait is not a country without road accidents. Like everywhere in the world, high traffic periods and jams are a common thing. And that is the time when most accidents happen.

The good packaging will protect your items in the case of a minor accident. However, the real danger lies on high-speed highways. And moving boxes can do little in protecting your stuff in the case of a major traffic incident. If you are moving during a peak moving season, this is the thing that you will have to take into consideration. That is the situation when moving insurance resolves issues.

Truck accident
Major road accidents represent a big threat to your belongings

Moving insurance matters even with low-risk relocations

There are, however, low-risk moving situations when you can go through without proper moving insurance. When you are moving from one-story house to a one-story house across the street, for example. There are no stairs and the route is the shortest possible. The good thing is that moving companies protect their clients with some basic coverage that can cover slight damages to their items. If they’re scratched or slightly broken in some other way.

However, even during the simplest relocations, some items might be destroyed completely. Especially fragile items made from glass or ceramics. If you own many fragile items, especially valuable fragile items, moving insurance matters and you should consider getting it. It doesn’t cost that much, especially for low-risk relocations. But you will be more calm knowing that your valuable items will be replaced if damaged.

Self-relocation is one of the riskiest types of move

Items often get damaged between your home and a moving truck. Small things fall out of hands. Furniture tips over during disassembling or assembling. Bulky items could be scratched while going through narrow corridors. Heavy items will be destroyed if they fall down the stairs. Those are all situations when an item is damaged between a home and a moving truck. And those usually happen when people move without the help of professional movers. If you are planning a self-move, moving insurance will be very important.

Moving insurance matters and will cover even the costly property damage

A lot of times, property damage can occur. And those damages can cost you a lot. Scratched or destroyed floors, punctured walls, demolished door frames, broken windows, or other, can happen even when you’ve taken all measures of precaution. This situation is especially problematic when you damage the home that you are moving out of. Because that is when you will have to pay without question. Do you still think that moving insurance doesn’t matter?

Damaged wall showing bricks
Property damages are costly, then is when moving insurance matters too

Do not forget about possible physical injuries. That is also why moving insurance is so important

Naturally, the worst-case scenario and situation when moving insurance matters the most is with bodily injuries. If someone suffers a serious injury, moving insurance will cover the costs of treatment. And we all know how costly that can be. Avoiding to get moving insurance is not smart. So many different things can happen during a move. Hopefully, you have learned that from this article.