How to get an accurate moving estimate

Moving costs are a big deal when moving. Money plays a big role when we are moving, and every dollar is important. That is why you should know how much money you will need for your packing and moving. After that, you can create a budget for other items. So, learn how to get an accurate moving estimate any time you are moving. We have some very useful tips you should follow when calculating your moving budget.

Your moving costs depend on many factors

First of all, you should know what the factors of your moving costs are. Mostly it depends on you, but some of the factors you cannot control.

  • You must know the size and weight of your moving boxes and furniture for an accurate moving estimate. More items you have, the moving will be more expensive.
  • Travel fees are also a thing you must calculate. Think about fuel or plane tickets, distance, etc.
  • If you do not have time, or you do not know how to pack boxes, hiring a packing service is a must. Even if you do not hire them, you will have costs.
  • A storage unit is sometimes a must, and that costs too.
  • Your costs will depend on the moving date. The price is not the same if you are moving off-season and during the season months.
  • Type of liability coverage. If you hire international movers Kuwait, they will offer you types of liability coverage you can choose from. 
Money is a big factor when moving.

Tips for getting an accurate moving estimate

Now, when you know what factors are included, you can have a clear picture of your moving cost. The right and detailed planning is key to a successful move. It does not matter if you are moving locally, or you are moving overseas. A good plan and checklist is a must. Even if you do not have an experience you can calculate your moving costs.

Do research before you start

Before you start to ask for an estimate, first research a company you want to hire. Check their license and insurance, immediately, no matter how much you like them. Each moving company must have a license for their work. This is how you will avoid scams and fraud. Always hire a properly licensed moving company and you will have a stressless move.

Online moving estimate

You can get an online moving estimate or estimate over the phone from a couple of moving companies. But, do not opt for the cheapest moving company because it can be a scam. Also, do not pick the most expensive one. Choose the average moving cost. This type of moving estimate will be an approximate idea, not an accurate moving estimate. But, at least, you will have the idea of how much money you will need.

In-home and written moving estimate

After you have information from a few moving companies about the price for their service, call for example two of them to come to your home and give you a real moving estimate. They are the most accurate. An estimator will see everything, from the size of your items to obstacles such as stairs. Also, this estimate should be written, because it is reliable. Also, make sure to mention everything because some transportation services cost more in Kuwait.

A man signing a contract.
A written estimate is the most accurate moving estimate.

Hidden fees for moving

Ask about any hidden fees before you hire a moving company. Sometimes you do not know about any “extras” and when the bill comes, the surprise is there too. For example, oddly shaped items, stairs during the moving process, etc. So, if you want an accurate moving estimate and no surprises, read the contract well, and ask everything about moving costs and extra fees.

Have full and clear information

You must have full information and details too for your movers about the moving. You cannot get the right moving estimate without these details. Besides that, you must know the cost of hiring moving in Kuwait before you start.

  • When the estimator comes to your home, show him/her everything. Even if you think it does not matter. Show your moving company large furniture and small decorations and clothing too. You probably have items in the basement and attic, so do not forget that.
  • Be specific when you talk with your moving estimator.
  • Before your moving estimator comes to the home, make a list of every item you want to move. Make copies for you and them. It is not a bad idea to make a list of items you will not move.
  • If you are not moving alone (you are moving with your family and a roommate), be sure they are all there when the estimator comes. Probably you will forget to tell that you will move some of the items that are not yours. That is why every member of the house should be there.

Special items for moving

If you have some special items to move, it will cost more. For example, moving a piano is a special moving type, or moving a hot tub. Or any large and heavy items you have. They require special treatment and packing supplies. Especially if it is a long-distance move. If you are relocating to Kuwait as a foreigner and you have a special request, you must mention it. 

Calculating the moving costs.
When moving, every detail is important. Calculate and pay attention to the smallest details.

Now, when you know how to get an accurate moving estimate anytime and anywhere, you can create your budget for moving and manage it. Money is a big factor when moving. So, you can cut some of the moving cost if it is needed. Hiring a good and reliable moving company is the key to get the best moving service and the best price for the service.