Cost of hiring movers in Kuwait 

It should not be hard to predict the cost of hiring movers in Kuwait. As in any other situation, the cost depends on the services they provide to you. There are also few important and additional costs that should be considered. On the other hand, there are many ways to reduce the cost and save money. First of all, you should know where and when you will move. After that, you should know what you will take with you. Moving in Kuwait includes some unexpected costs that depend on the law. That happens wherever you move, as every country has its laws.

Predict the cost of hiring movers in Kuwait before moving

There are a few ways to predict the cost of hiring movers in Kuwait. On the other hand, you can affect those prices, too. As in any other situation, you should prepare yourself for the conditions and prices. You could also compare prices of different moving companies and choose the best one. The simpler way to move is to compare estimates of a  few Kuwait moving companies. Good moving companies like Easy Move Kuwait will allow you to negotiate, too.

A man writing in a notebook, calculating the cost of hiring movers in Kuwait
You can predict the cost of hiring movers in Kuwait

Size of the move

Well, relocation of a small flat with one bedroom will surely be cheaper than moving the whole house. There are also different prices for moving your offices. Calculating the cost of hiring movers in Kuwait should start from these circumstances.

The distance of the move

It is obvious that moving to Kuwait costs a lot. If you are not prepared for that, you should consult a moving company for advice. Even though the usual cost of hiring movers in Kuwait includes the same prices as in any other moving in the world, the cost could be significantly trimmed if you prepare properly.

Transportation method

Since you are planning to move to Kuwait, you may need a ship or a plane for moving. It costs more than classic moving with trucks. Ask your moving company how much cost of hiring movers will be. Also, ask how to cover those expenses.


Speaking about transportation, it will also have an effect on the cost of hiring movers. If you are planning to move by ship, you should know that insurance, in that case, is much higher. It also includes insurance in case of any damage occurring to your items and extra tax fees.

Euros on a calculator with a magnifying glass over them
The cost of hiring movers will not be cheap, but it will be worth it!

Moving costs

The final moving price will most likely be very expensive. Unfortunately, there are costs of hiring movers in Kuwait that are visible only when moving starts. That is why you should try to predict as much as possible. As in other situations, save money whenever you can. Make sure that you and the moving company know all conditions and possible troubles.

Packing cost

Sometimes the cost of hiring movers includes free packing. There are moving companies that will give you that as a gift. However, do not rely on expectations and our predictions. The information that moving company provided to you should be clear. Usually packing costs start at $100. A moving company could charge it per item or per pounds. It is maybe best to ask a moving company about their packing services and what they include.

Warn about the harmful and dangerous items

Your obligation is to notify the company if you want to transport illegal items. It could be a plant or your pet whose transportation is forbidden in Kuwait. You should also know that some chemicals cannot be transported. In case you insist on transporting some forbidden items, you will have to pay extra.

Avoid unexpected costs and possible scams

In order to ensure an easy move to Kuwait research properly the prices in that country. There are many situations where you could pay a much higher price than what is needed if you have not researched the market. Some additional costs include:

  • Cost of the new furniture – it is obvious that you will need a new one unless you are planning to take the old chairs and bed with you;
  • Sometimes the electric installation in the house could be different from the one in your country – be careful, it could damage your machines;
  • The new ID in a new country also costs – research everything about that;
  • If you are going to Kuwait with children you should know the prices of school tuition;
  • Even this is not the real cost of hiring movers in Kuwait. There are other things that could affect your budget – housing and the cost of living in Kuwait could be expensive in some areas.

Duty charges and fees

It is your obligation to inform yourself about the duty fees in Kuwait before moving. However, every country has its own legislation and laws about the duty charges. Some of them could be seriously high.

A calculator
There are some situations where the costs of hiring movers unexpectedly rise


When it comes to Kuwait, you need to research different ways of entering Kuwait. You want to be prepared as the paperwork can sometimes take longer to get approved. So make sure you plan on time, and apply for your visa.

Lawyer cost

Cost of hiring a lawyer in Kuwait can be very high. You will need a lawyer if you are coming to Kuwait to work, for example. Usual price starts from $100 per hour. However, it is hard to predict how much a lawyer’s service will cost at the end.

Unplanned costs

Finally, there are always additional costs that nobody can predict. That means additional costs. So, the cost of hiring movers in Kuwait will always be slightly more expensive than you have planned to pay. Professional mover’s advice will be adding another 10-20% of costs on the top of the final price, so have that in mind.