How to File a Claim Against a Moving Company

When you contact and hire a moving company, they take responsibility for your items. In other words, they need to transport them in the safest way without making any kind of damage. But, in some cases, this can happen. So, if you want to file a claim against a moving company, you must know what is the process for it.  Keep in mind that this might take you some extra time but it is an important thing to have everything in the right order.

Make a home moving inventory list

In order to have a clear image of your items and you can file a claim against a moving company properly, you should have an inventory list. By having a list, you can write all of your items and you will know what you have relocated. However, you must know how to make a home moving inventory list. The good solution for you is to separate big and small items which you are planning to relocate. If you separate them in categories, you can stay organized.

Take pictures of the damage

It is an important thing to take pictures of your items which are damaged. In this way, you will have evidence which is going to be useful when you need to file a claim against a moving company. Just be sure that you have a good digital camera which can make clear images. This is a good solution for you because you have evidence which you are going to use against your moving company. You must protect your items and yourself. Also, save the pictures on your computer. You never know if you going to need them in the future again or not.

Close up of a camera.
Take pictures of your items which were damaged.

File a claim against a moving company- Get all the documents

Since you have hired a moving company, they have certainly given you contracts and documents. If the damage is caused on your items, now it is the time for you to take all the documents and contracts and read them carefully. There must be something about damaging the items during transportation. Keep in mind that you need to gather all the information so you can file a claim against a moving company. However, you will know for your future relocation that it is a good idea to hire an experienced and reliable moving company for your relocation such as international movers Kuwait.

A person signing a contract.
Get your moving contract

What about moving insurance?

As we mentioned, when you are about to file a claim against your company, you need to check all the documents and paperwork. This also includes that you need to have moving insurance if we are talking about a moving company which has a good reputation. By having moving insurance, you can check all the things about refunding your money in the value of the items which are damaged. It is a rare thing that your items can damage during the relocation, but it happens. However, you must always choose wisely your moving company and always hire experts.

Contact a moving company

Once you have checked all the documents and when you have gathered evidence, you need to contact a moving company. Tell them about a claim. Explain your moving company which items have been damaged and you can meet with them in person to show the damaged items. If they can not come to your house, send them the pictures of your items. Also, you need to have a completed claim ready so you can send to a moving company. As we mentioned, this situation can happen, so it is always important to hire experienced packers and movers for your relocation. In that case, you will keep all the things under control; and you can be sure about the security of your items. Be free to contact the movers and hire them for your packing.

A person holding a phone.
Contact your moving company and tell them about your problem

Give the moving company  30 days to respond to your claim before taking any other actions

By the law,  a company can respond to your claim in 30 days. The response must come to your home address in that period. On the other hand, the claim needs to be resolved in 120 days. They need to manage your problem. If they do not solve your problem in that period, they are taking a risk of losing their license in that state. If they lose their license, they will not be able to offer moving services anymore.

Should you contact the court?

However, if you are not satisfied with the solution which the company has offered to you, you can always contact your local court.

Keep in mind that you have the right to take a moving company to court if you are thinking that they were not fair in this situation. On the other hand, you should know that if you go in this process it can take several months to be finished. So, you need to think wisely. You must be patient and wait for a final decision by the court.

You need to know your moving rights

If you are thinking that you should not file a claim against a moving company that is a mistake. Like in every business and every situation, you must know your rights. In this case, we are talking about that your items were damaged during transportation by a moving company. Every reliable and experienced moving company must know how to pack your items properly.

So, if you have made a mistake this time, you will know for your next relocation. Keep in mind that there are a lot of moving companies nowadays; you can be sure that you can find the right one.


To conclude, when your items are damaged during transportation, you must file a claim against a moving company. If they admit that it was an accident they are going to refund your money for sure. However, you should know that there might be some companies which will not do things in that way. There are small claims courts in which you can solve a problem. As we mentioned, you need to know your moving rights.