How to coordinate your employees during the office move

Is your company moving? If the answer is yes, then you need to make a good plan. Planning is the most important part of a successful office move. But, you will have to involve your employees too, to help you with planning and moving your office. So, you will essentially have to know how to coordinate your employees during the office move. If you do this well, your company’s relocation could go smoothly. Of course, with the help of international movers Kuwait. Moving an office without the help of a full service moving company is not something that is recommended. Sure, your employees could pack their belongings, but when it comes to packing and carrying heavy office furniture and IT equipment, it would be best if you leave it to professionals.

Plan in advance if you want to coordinate your employees during the office move

Office relocations require lots of planning and preparations. So, that is the first thing you should do, too. But make sure that you start with planning well in advance. Larger companies will start with making plans about relocating at least six months in advance. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to do it too. Still, you should give yourself enough time to organize your relocation properly.

planning to coordinate your employees during the office move
You will know how to coordinate your employees during the office move if you make a plan

First, you need to create a meeting with your closest high-ranking staff members to make an initial plan, and to discuss all important aspects of your move. That means finding a reliable moving company with enough experience and manpower to move your office, packing your items, renting a warehouse Kuwait and much more. The important thing is to make a schedule of your move. And try to point out employees that could be a part of your moving team.

Coordinate your employees during the office move by giving them different tasks

When you are moving an office the good thing is that you have lots of helping hands in the form of your employees. And you should use that available help as much as you can. Assigning your employees with different tasks during a move can significantly reduce your relocation costs. But, there is also a possibility that if you use your employees as a moving crew you could end up with some unexpected costs due to poorly packed items, damage suffered during carrying or else. So, the important thing is to know how to coordinate your employees during the office move. Your employees should be appointed to pack their desks, papers and personal items if they have any. For everything else, the smartest thing to do is to hire professional office movers.

Use your department managers to coordinate your employees during the office move

When you want to coordinate your employees during an office move, you should assign your most trusted staff members to coordinate their department packing. This will usually be a department manager who should supervise the packing and make sure that everything is going according to the schedule. Make sure that packing and sorting out important paperwork is assigned to your most trusted and reliable employees. Business paperwork is the most important thing to take care of during an office relocation.

Find someone to coordinate your employees during the IT office move

Dealing with your virtual paperwork is as important as dealing with real documents. So you should appoint someone from your IT department that you trust, to prepare your computers and files for relocating to a new office space. That means backing up your most important files, either to external hard drives or some cloud service. And pulling out hard drives from computers to pack them separately and securely.

Coordinating your employees during the office move with talking
Make sure that your files and computers are in good hands

You should always pack hard drives separately when you are moving computers with important files. If some accident happens during a move, you can feel more relaxed if you know that your business is safely packed in a separate sturdy box. And that your important files are still safe and working. Packing an office IT equipment is tricky, and you should leave it to moving services that you hired. Your only task should be to pull out your hard drives.

Conduct regular meetings to coordinate employees during your office move

During office relocation, you should regularly conduct a meeting with your employees. That way you can be sure that everything is going according to your plan and schedule. And if there is a problem you will learn about it in time so you can intervene if you need to. This is a very stressful situation and proper communication is crucial. This is also a good way to coordinate your employees during an office move. To learn about the problems they are facing. And to make sure that all decisions are made in the company’s interest.

Notify everyone about your move

Another important part of your company’s relocation is to notify everyone about your move. Assign a few of your staff members to make a contact list of everyone that your company is in business with. Notify your customers, business partners, suppliers about your relocation. If you make sure that they inform everyone about your new location and address, you can be sure that you will continue to run your business without a pause.

Making letters for notifying people about your move
Make letters to notify your customers about your office move

Announce your move many months in advance and put information about it on your company’s website. This will ensure that everyone else who is interested in your business but is not on your contact list, knows about your company’s new address.

Here are the best ways to do it:

  • Use Your Website to tell your customers and business partners where you are moving. Coordinate your employees during the office move and assign someone to be in charge of your website;
  • Use social networks;
  • Add a note about the move in your invoices;
  • Send e-mails;
  • Send letters;
  • Call everyone.

Hiring a reliable moving company to help you with your office move

Hiring a reliable and experienced moving company that has means and enough manpower to move an office like yours. First, you have to search the internet for moving companies in Kuwait that are specialized in corporate office relocations. Luckily there are many companies in Kuwait that will be suitable for your office. But how to pick the right one? Well, there is no magic trick or solution to help you pick a moving company and to be sure that they are the best. Your only solution is to read comments on their websites or, even better, moving-related forums. Pick five moving companies that look promising and contact them to get their moving quotes. When you get their estimates, it will be easier for you to pick the most suitable one.