5 gift ideas for first-time homeowners

So, your friends just moved into their new home? And now you are panicking, trying to figure out what are good gift ideas for first-time homeowners? Well, you have come to the right place! In this article, we have outlined several gift ideas that might just spark your creativity and help you think of something new, or if not that, at least help you get to come up with a decent housewarming present.

A plant.
Your gift doesn’t have to be super creative. It’s the thought that counts! So even something like a plant can work wonders!

However, keep in mind that gifts are just a sentiment. It doesn’t need to be something big, expensive and elaborate. You can surprise someone with as simple as a gift as a plant. As long as it comes from the heart and is thoughtful. And that’s the most important lesson to learn here. So without further adieu, here are 5 gift ideas for first-time homeowners.

Gift ideas for first-time homeowners #1: Gift cards and certificates

There are plenty of gift cards and certificates that are being offered at stores today. However, there are several types you want to look out for when looking for gift ideas for first-time homeowners.

A gift card to the nearest restaurant

The first ones you should look out for are gift cards to a near restaurant. The reason being is that when you hire residential moving companies Kuwait and finally relocate, cooking is really not on top of your list of priorities. That’s why gifting someone a free meal can take a lot of their plate and help them focus on more important things like settling in.

gift ideas for first-time homeowners - a restaurant
A gift card to their nearest restaurant is an excellent choice.

Gift ideas for first-time homeowners: storage containers for food

Also, a thing most of your friends when they move in won’t have is storage containers for their food that will be stored in the pantry. These little plastic containers are extremely practical as they can be used not only for food but for liquids as well. However, even if they already have these plastic containers don’t sweat it, you can never have enough!

A trip to the spa center

Another good idea is to gift them a free day at the spa. The reason for this is self-explanatory. Your friends just moved in, they are stressed and tired from a long and tiring day of moving, and months of planning, and are in desperate need of relaxation. So gifting them a spa treatment could be just what the doctor ordered.

Free house cleaning? Yes, please.

So whilst it’s true that your friends just moved in they probably didn’t get the chance to clean their house just yet. Or even if they did they most definitely did not get to chance to do this by a professional with the proper equipment. So gifting them a free round of professional cleaning might be just what they need since cleaning your new home is not as easy as it sounds.

Gift ideas for first-time homeowners #2: A toolbox

So maybe when your friends were decluttering and getting rid of things they did not need, and throwing the rest to a warehouse Kuwait. They didn’t manage to salvage the proper tools for their new homes. We are talking about hammers, nails, bolt cutters and the like. So getting them a box of measuring tape, screwdrivers, flashlights and the like in one box is just what they will need!

Gift ideas #3: A welcoming mat

So there are two ways of going about this. When buying a welcoming mat, you are either buy them a classic, simple and elegant mat for their new home or you can go that extra mile, and order a custom one with the name of their family or something of the like. The latter option is definitely more creative and will most likely surprise them. So if that’s the reaction you are looking for, make sure you place your order now.

Mat that says welcome on board
If you want to go the extra mile, get a custom made mat.

Gift ideas #4: The cookbook

No. We don’t recommend just getting any cookbook. We recommend you buy them the cookbook. With a capital T. You want to get a cookbook you know is good, or that was recommended to you. Or for a matter of fact, get them a cookbook that is considered to be a must-have for any kitchen. Even if is not used that often, cookbooks are really large and are probably the prettiest thing you can have in your book library. So either way, you cannot mess it up!

Gift idea #5: The Apéritif

If none of these ideas seem to draw your attention you can always go the tried and true way. A bottle of liquor. Buy them their favorite vine, scotch or whiskey, to help the wind down after a hard day. However, keep in mind that if you are buying wine, you can always get a nice little wine bottle opener to go with that set. Also, if you want to go extra hard, you can get them a set of glasses for serving those alcoholic beverages. There are plenty of choices to choose from, from the cheapest to the most exotic. It doesn’t matter what you choose just make sure you are buying something that they like!

In summary, what gift ideas for first-time homeowners do we recommend?

While your friends might’ve unpack quickly after moving they still may lack a lot of stuff since they probably decluttered not that long ago. So generally, you can’t go wrong since they probably only packed the bare essentials. However, you might want to get them something that fits their personality and style. We offered you 5 gift ideas, however, the list doesn’t stop there. This article is not an all-encompassing list. This is a guide that will hopefully spark the reader’s imagination on what is possible with housewarming gifts. However, don’t stress about the gift all that much since it’s the thought that counts, and not the actual gift.