How to resolve disputes with movers

Moving is a very complicated process which has many segments. And, sometimes it can happen that you are not satisfied with the service of your hired moving company. So, one of the most important things you will have to do before hiring international movers Kuwait for your relocation is to make sure they are reliable and trustworthy. You want to try to minimize the chance of entering a dispute with your movers as much as you can. If you eventually do end up in a disagreement with your movers, there are few ways that you can resolve disputes with movers before it comes to filing a suit. If it goes to court, you can expect some additional expenses and more time to reach a settlement.

Professional moving companies in Kuwait

Kuwait is an Arab country with 4.5 million people. But what’s interesting here is that over 3 million residents of Kuwait are expatriates. That shows that there is much moving going on in Kuwait. And that Kuwait moving companies are experienced and have good professional ethics. When you are dealing with shipping companies in Kuwait, you will be very surprised by their effectiveness and professionalism. But, of course, sometimes accidents do happen, and you need to be ready and know what to do in a situation where your items are lost, property damaged, movers are late or something else.

Kuwait is business-oriented, you will easily resolve disputes with movers
You will have no need to resolve disputes with movers in Kuwait

Do your part so you don’t have to resolve disputes with movers

There are many situations where you can end up in a dispute with your movers. And, you want to make sure that you do everything that you can so you don’t end up as the sued party. That means you need to show your moving inventory correctly when moving company representative come to evaluate your moving inventory. You do not try to sneak in additional items in the last minute. Your long distance movers Kuwait will weight everything, and will surely know if you added something to the moving truck. Provide a parking spot for your movers if that is the agreement. Provide access to your destination home, and pay in the end, of course. Many more situations could happen, caused by either party. Here is the list for you to read it, so you can try to avoid any possible mistakes on your side during a move.

Problems that you can cause during a move that can end up in dispute:

  • Your moving inventory got bigger overnight. If the estimator visited your home, you received a moving estimate according to what he saw. If you want to add additional items on a moving day, notify your moving crew so they can charge you for it. Just don’t try to sneak in additional items without thoughts of paying for it.
  • You didn’t pack your inventory properly. If you didn’t hire a packing service you are in obligation to pack and prepare everything before your moving crew arrives.
  • You didn’t secure parking spots for the moving truck. The moving truck has to park as close as possible, during both loading and unloading. And it is your responsibility to prepare a parking spot. If the moving crew has to carry your items for long distances, you can expect that they will charge you for it.
  • Your furniture can’t fit through your new home’s door. You need to make sure that you’ve measured everything before making your moving crew carry your large items to your new apartment’s door.

Problems that your movers can cause during a move that can end up in dispute:

Moving truck damaged in an accident is the the reason to resolve disputes with movers
If a moving truck is involved in an accident you will have no trouble to resolve a dispute with movers
  • The moving crew could be late, or sometimes even don’t show up at all. When you resolve disputes with movers this is one of the most usual ones.
  • The moving truck that showed up is not big enough, and you can’t fit all your items in it.
  • The moving truck is damaged. Sometimes an accident occurs on the road and your items could get damaged because of it.
  • Damage to the property. Make sure you are present while they carry your items and furniture through your old and new home. If the moving crew causes some damage to any of the properties you need to report it on spot.
  • Your items are damaged. If you are in charge of the packing make sure that you packed everything properly and securely.
  • Your items got lost or stolen. Make sure you are dealing with a trustworthy moving company.
  • Your delivery is late. Of course, your movers can’t arrive exactly when they announced, but if they are more than reasonably late you can file a complaint.

How to resolve disputes with movers in Kuwait

If you are the one that is filing a complaint, the first and most important thing is to do it the moment the issue appeared. If your moving crew is late, or they damage your stuff, make sure that you notify the head of the moving crew. And to make a written report about the problem. Take one copy, signed by both parties, and give the other one to the moving crew. Your next step is to call your moving company and try to resolve your dispute over the phone. Kuwait is a country with a great tradition in business. Their customs demand that the business is conducted in a way that is beneficial to both sides. And many times, disputes can be resolved through a polite conversation. Visit their offices and try to make an agreement.

Resolve disputes with movers with the help of international moving associations

Many residential moving companies Kuwait have a moving consultant. He should be your advisor in this situation. If you think that there is no chance that you will make an agreement with your moving company you can report them to their moving company association and ask for their mediation. Moving companies in Kuwait are usually members of many international moving and transportation associations. And they can be very helpful in these kinds of situations.

handshake after resolved dispute with movers in Kuwait
Resolve disputes with movers with the help of International Moving Associations

Here are some of the moving company associations that moving companies from Kuwait are usually members of.

  • (AMSA) American Moving and Storage Association
  • (BAR) British Associations of Removers
  • (FAIM) FIDI Accredited International Movers
  • (FIATA) International Federation for Freight Forwarders Association
  • (TIACA) The International Air Cargo Association
  • (OMNI) Overseas Moving Network International
  • (ARA) Asian Relocation Association
  • (FIDI) Federation of International Removers
  • (IAM) International Association of Movers
  • (WFN) World Freight Network
  • (IATA) International Air Transport Association

Hire a lawyer

The moving association usually have the settlement programs that they offer to both parties, and, this is a good way to resolve disputes with movers.  If this doesn’t help you can find a legal advisor and ask for advice. If filing a suit is the only way to resolve disputes with movers, hire a civil lawyer. But make sure you are ready for additional expenses.