Heavy lift cargo transport – tips and tricks

When it comes to heavy hauling (or heavy lift cargo transport) a number of things can go wrong. And given the nature of the items that you are transporting, anything that goes wrong is insanely costly. If air freight Kuwait is your preferred method of transportation, you would do well to familiarize yourself with various tips and tricks. The same goes for any method of transporting very heavy loads.

It always pays to prepare. In this case, it pays by not incurring extra losses. And they will appear if you are not careful. The best thing to do is to research everything ahead of time. Unsure how to do that? Well, read on because we have compiled a nifty:

List of Tips and Tricks for Heavy Lift Cargo Transport

The first thing you want to do is jot down this list somewhere handy and use it as a reference when you are planning your next heavy lift cargo transport. The list is not exhaustive, of course, but it will serve as a reminder for the most important tasks you need to accomplish. So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

  1. Partner with an experienced and reputable moving company
  2. Know your pickup and drop off sites
  3. Know all of your project details
  4. Make sure to choose the proper trailer
  5. Carefully examine the travel route
  6. Collect all the papers that you will need

And those are the most important things you need to pay attention to. Every item on this list warrants a further examination. Because, again, if anything goes wrong, it is very costly.

a checklist
Having a checklist where you can check one item at a time is immensely valuable!

Choose the right moving company

This one is perhaps the most important item on the list. Make sure that the moving company you choose to involve in your project has the experience and knowledge that is necessary. There are many factors that you need to consider but the most important one is definitely the drivers. For a heavy haul like this, the experience is king. You will want to employ a company that has extremely experienced drivers. The reasoning behind this is that the human, or driver, factor is one of the most dangerous ones. So do yourself a favor and check out all the moving companies that have a longstanding track record of excellence in moving services Kuwait and you will not have any issues!

Know the pickup/drop off sites

While perhaps not being as important as the previous item on the list, this one is a bit tricky in its own right. Many a prospective hauler overlooks the pickup and dropoff locations in their planning. And, to be quite frank, they do just fine. So why is it important then, if it is mostly fine you ask? Well, because when it is not fine, it is really not fine. Not having the proper equipment to deal with the particular circumstances of a dropoff site or a pickup point will definitely cause delays and can cause quite high monetary loss.

people in a pickup truck
You need to be aware of the circumstances of all of your pickup and drop-off points.

Know all the details of the project

This is the time to get really inside your project. You want to know everything there is about it and to put it into the context of hauling. Specifications such as size and weight, in precise measurements, are critical for planning the equipment that will be required. Also, gather all the organizing tips and tricks you can. If you have all the details of your project in hand, it will become easier to figure out the exact logistics behind the haul. Not to speak about high-impact items such as risk mitigation and budgeting. All of these will be easier with good details in hand.

Heavy lift cargo transport – Choose the proper trailer

Nowadays, there are simply too many different kinds of trailers available. It is somewhat easier to choose by the types of trailers, such as self-propelled ones, dual lane trailers or modular trailers, or even a self-propelled modular transporter! You want to choose the right trailer for the job, having the safety of equipment and drivers in the first place. You do this by comparing the details of your project (you do know them by now, right?) with the trailer specifications.

Examine the travel route

Knowing your route is one of the keys to success. You want to know if there will be any roadblocks or any other issues which will coincide with your haul. There is almost nothing worse in the heavy lift cargo transport business than an unnecessary stop. Drivers start to get nervous, mistakes happen and all of a sudden a huge cost rears its ugly head. So, do your best to avoid all of this by carefully examining your travel route. Heck, if you want to be extra safe, do a test run before you commit to it. Sure, it is a bit costly but it is nothing compared to what you will be paying if the route is bad for your haul.

a railway
You do not want your haul to be going through bad spots on the road if you can prevent it.

Heavy lift cargo transport – Gather all the papers

And here we come to the last item on the list. Everybody loves paperwork and rejoices when there’s some of it to be had. Said no person ever.

However, the fact of the matter is that you need to get all the papers in order before you start with your heavy lift cargo transport. These include all of the required permits for all the countries or states that your haul will be going through. You want to know if any of the items you have are prohibited from international shipping. The size and weight of the haul might influence some of the permits so make sure you study each country or state separately. In some countries, there are regulations that your haul might require support cars if it is big enough.

And if you do not have the papers for any of the cars, you might be in big trouble. In fact, missing just one piece of paper can put the entire heavy lift cargo transport to a halt, until said piece of paper is produced and sent to the authorities.