Guide to shipping your memorabilia

Shipping your memorabilia is mostly about how you will protect them for the trip. These are the items of high sentimental (and sometimes high monetary) value that you do not wish to receive even a single scratch. In fact, for many of these items, any damage incurred can be pretty significant. Whether you are using sea freight or land freight, you need to pack these items properly before you ship them. This article will help with that!

How to prepare your memorabilia for shipping?

Here are the steps that you will need to take:

  • Protect your memorabilia before shipping
  • How to pack coins and other memorabilia currency before shipping
  • Figurines, glass, and ceramic
  • Documents, stamps and baseball cards
scissors, tape, and bubble sheets
Protect all your memorabilia before shipping.

Protect your memorabilia before shipping

You will want to acquire the highest grade packing materials for this particular shipment. Don’t skimp out on anything, make sure that your items have the maximum amount of protection for their long voyage. For maximum protection, you can also hire professional packers to do the job for you. Simply tell them what they are packing and how much is it worth and they will take all the precautions in packing your items. This is the easiest way, albeit the one that costs the most. But you can definitely do it on your own, as well.

How to pack coins and other memorabilia currency before shipping

The best way to pack coins and other currency is to simply wrap them all in high-quality packing paper and simply place them into boxes. There will be some extra space within the box and you will use crumpled packing paper to fill it. The main thing is to ensure that nothing within can move when in transit. Shake the box somewhat vigorously and see if you hear a rattling sound. If you hear the box move, you need to repack it. However, if you want to store some of your memorabilia for a certain amount of time, you should contact your professional mover and ask what kind of storage services they are offering.

Use high-quality packing paper to protect your coin collections.

Figurines, glass, and ceramic

These extremely fragile items need to be packaged individually. You simply can’t lump them together and expect that they are adequately protected. What you want to do is wrap each on in generous amounts of packing paper or bubble wrapping. Do not apply tape directly to the items themselves. Each item gets its own box, which also needs to be padded with bubble wrapping. Take note of the edges and corners.

Finally, prepare an additional box that will hold all of these smaller boxes. Pad its bottom with crushed packing paper and place all of the items upright. Then fill in all the gaps with more packing paper so nothing can move within the box. Finally, use some more packing paper on top of the box and mark the box as “fragile” and “nothing on top”.

Documents, stamps and baseball cards

These items will usually have their own album or similar container, and you will simply wrap it in packing paper. Again, when placing them inside the box, use more packing paper to ensure that nothing moves within. Items such as framed items should use mirror boxes. Posters you can place in poster tubes before packing them inside a box.