Tips for moving to Kuwait this summer

Are you planning to change your address this summer? Since this year has not been the best, you might benefit from the change of scenario. Moving to a new city is great, but what about a completely new country? This would be a real challenge. Kuwait is a country that deserves your attention. This small Asian country is very popular among many ex-pats around the globe, mostly due to work. For this reason, if you are looking for a job in the oil industry, moving to Kuwait this summer is your best option. You do not have to worry about moving your items, as there are many reliable shipping companies in Kuwait. 

Moving to Kuwait this summer – get to know the country 

Before you move to any country, you should do some research. There is no excuse for being completely ignorant about a foreign culture since you can find everything on the Internet. For this reason, here are a couple of general pieces of information about Kuwait. 

  • The currency – the official currency of Kuwait is the Kuwait Dinar. One dinar is either £2.68 GBP, or $3.27 US. Mind you, this varies, so check the value of the Kuwait Dinar before doing the transaction.  
  • Kuwait’s History – in short, prior to 1716, it was an unnamed locality. After the British came, it started to prosper due to foreign trade. In 1961, it gained independence. 
  • Weather – in one word – it is extremely hot. 
  • The people – as of 2020, Kuwait has 4,270,571 residents where 70% are ex-pats. These numbers just show that many foreigners love Kuwait 
dock during the sunset
Kuwait has one of the most beautiful beaches

The Food and Water & The Housing 

Kuwait is located in the middle of the desert. Therefore, farming is impossible. Kuwait mostly imports food from other countries. In addition to this, people also catch fish considering it has nine islands. Since 70% of people are ex-pats, food is diverse as Kuwait’s population. You can find some local specialties and dishes. However, most of the food is of foreign origins. Interestingly, Kuwait does not have a fresh-water source. Therefore, it relies on the well and desalination of seawater. As for housing, Kuwait is a rich and developed country. Every apartment building has a manager that takes care of trash and car washing. A one-bedroom apartment costs around 660 USD monthly while rent for a three-bedroom apartment is around 1,700USD. 

Moving to Kuwait this summer – what to bring? 

As mentioned, Kuwait is probably hotter than any other Western country. During the summer, the temperature can reach 50 degrees Celsius. That is why people usually spend their days indoors and nights outdoors. October and November might have the best weather as temperature drop. However, December and January can be quite cold. For this reason, you should be practical when packing your moving boxes Kuwait. Pack mostly your light clothes, but skip short and tight pieces. Even though Kuwait is not as strict as its neighbors, it is still a Muslim country. This means you should not wear clothes that are either too revealing or tight. It is not forbidden to wear short or revealing clothes but you will attract unwanted attention, especially if you are a woman. Speaking of women, they are treated with respect in Kuwait so you do not have to fear being discriminated against. 

clothes in pink luggage
Bring your light and comfortable clothes for the summer

Packing and planning your move 

Organizing a move to Kuwait does not differ much from any other move. However, you should start early as normally, for example, six months in advance. Then, make a moving checklist where you will write down all the tasks you need to finish before the move. If you plan to move a larger number of items, hire a reliable moving company. You can also hire professional packers if you are worried about the safety of your items. Contact a couple of moving companies to ask about their moving quotes. Then, it is time to pack. It would be smart to bring only the essentials. Everything else you can buy in Kuwait. Gather all the necessary packing supplies. After you arrive in Kuwait, get in touch with your movers. They will deliver your items to your new address.  

Moving to Kuwait this summer – important documents 

You need to have a visa or entry permit to live in Kuwait. If you have a job waiting for you, then your employers are responsible for you. In addition to this, there are several types of Kuwait visa that you can get. 

  • Short Stay – with this visa, you can stay for 30 days in the country. If you overstay, you will pay 10 Kuwait Dinar per day. If you want this visa, you will pay 3 KWD and you will receive it in two days.  
  • Work Permits and Residency Visas – only if you receive an offer from the company or a Kuwait government organization. 
  • Dependent Visas – if you want to sponsor your family members, you can ask for a dependent visa. However, you will have to earn more than 650 KWD per month. 

Additionally, international driving licenses are not valid in Kuwait. You will have to get it legalized. 

person holding a passport
You will need some type of visa to enter the country

How to live like a local in Kuwait? 

Do not expect load parties and nightclubs in Kuwait. In addition to this, alcohol is prohibited. This might not sound exciting. However, there are many things you can do in Kuwait. For one, it has nine islands and rich history. You can spend your days traveling around, visiting historical sights, and learning the language. Secondly, Kuwait is a family-oriented country. You can take your kids for diving, fishing, camping, and snorkeling. Shopping is amazing in Kuwait. You should visit the Avenues, the largest shopping mall in the Middle East. The other popular shopping mall is the Al Mohalab Mall where you can visit a dentist, get a massage, and buy organic food. Kuwait offers free or low-cost health care for everyone. Even though it is free, Kuwait’s health care is one of the best.