Decluttering before the moving day – why is it so important?

If you are planning a move soon, you should start decluttering before the moving day. Benefits are numerous and this is something that should definitely be done from time to time even if you are not moving. With the upcoming move, the best thing you can do is to declutter your home. In this way, when the moving day arrives you will be able to easily pack and move your belongings without much effort.

Start on time

If you begin decluttering only a few days before, you will find that it is not quite an easy thing to do. In order to avoid additional stress, start decluttering before the moving day on time. It is best to start a couple of months ahead of time. Thus you will give yourself enough time to think about what things you will need in your new home. If you don`t make it in time, you can always count on storage units Kuwait.

a zoomed photo of a calendar calendar
Start decluttering at least 8 weeks before the moving day, as you will not feel overwhelmed and anxious.

Ask yourself if you really need it

Parting with your belongings is not an easy thing to do. Even if you do not need some things, they have an emotional value for you. You associate your most beautiful memories with an old bike you do not ride anymore, or with clothes that you cannot wear any longer. However, when you are decluttering before the moving day, you need to ask yourself if you really need it. Once you decide to get rid of all the unnecessary things, it will go easier. Take one thing at a time and think when and if you can use that certain item. The most common answer will be never, and you can proceed with the decluttering. It is really important to go through with the process as you will make your move immensely easier.

Why is decluttering before the moving day so important?

As we already mentioned there are numerous benefits of decluttering before the moving day. The first one is that it will give you the opportunity to accept the fact that you are moving in a timely manner. Big changes are big and you need to give yourself time to say goodbye to your old life. And you have the best opportunity to do so by slowly parting with your belongings.

The other thing equally important is that you move will be significantly cheaper if you carry only the things you need. The less weight you are carrying the less it will cost you to move your items. You should also think about the cheapest time to relocate so that your budget does not suffer.

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One of the biggest reasons for decluttering is If you have fewer things to move, your moving costs will be much less expensive

Tips for decluttering before the moving day

When you start decluttering before the moving day, have these tips and tricks that will make it a lot easier.

Check the expiration dates

Your kitchen and bathroom are the places in your house full of items with the expiration dates on them. You will not find it hard to throw the items that are soon expiring. This is a great way to start decluttering as a shower gel will not get you emotionally. You can also check out great ways to downsize your pantry and bathroom.

Declutter one room at a time or less

This tip is definitely one of the most important ones. If you start decluttering an entire floor, or the entire house, you are doomed. You will quickly get overwhelmed, or simply bored. Or you won`t even start, because we keep postponing things that take us a lot of time. Start small, with decluttering a drawer that you always dreaded of opening. We all have places in our homes that contain all sorts of things from God knows where. Then proceed with decluttering your closets. Once you finish with it, you will feel satisfied and relieved. Drawer by drawer, room by room and you will quickly get the work done. Remember that you should declutter the following items:

  • Old things
  • Things you haven`t used in ages
  • Broken things
  • Duplicate things (who needs two toasters, anyway?)
a white closet
Every big journey begins with a simple step, right? So, you should start decluttering before the moving day with a single closet or even a drawer.

Always carry three boxes with you

You may find this a weird tip, however, you will quickly realize how useful this is. The main reason for this is that you will not simply just throw everything that you need away. You may decide to sell, donate, or keep your items. The first box should be for the items that you will give away, the second one for the things that you will keep and the third one (you can use a recycle bag as well here) for the items that you will throw away. The organization has always been the key for any work, hence, with this system you will not have to go through your items twice or three times.

Sell your items after decluttering before the moving day

After you have thrown away all the things that no one can use anymore, you can move on to sell your items. There are many advantages when selling your items online, for example. It will be a new experience for you, and you will earn a couple of bucks that will certainly come in handy with all the expenses that you have with the move. When you start decluttering before the moving day, you have plenty of time for this activity. If you are not a fan of the Internet, that you can simply have a yard sale, or donate your things to those in need. Good luck!