Ultimate moving day checklist

If you are preparing for a move and you are looking for a moving day checklist you came to the right place. Moving day can, and probably will be chaotic. So you will need a checklist as a reminder to help you not to forget something. Packers and movers in Kuwait will be of help, but there are many things that you should do too. Before you start making your own moving day checklist read this article as a reminder. And when the sun rises on your moving day you will be ready and you will know exactly what to do. Of course, it is assumed that all your packing is completed by now and that you are ready to go. This is how your ultimate moving day checklist should look like.

Ultimate moving day checklist:

  • Wake up early, before the sunrise. This is on top of your moving day checklist for a reason.
  • Packing last items
  • Make a final tour around the house to find things that you missed during packing.
  • Help you movers
  • Clean the place
  • Get to your new home and start unpacking

Ultimate moving day checklist – You need to wake up early

The first thing you should do on your moving day is to wake up, of course. But you need to wake up early. If it’s possible, wake up before the sunrise. Preparing for a move is usually taking months and as the moving day approaches your stress level is going sky high. So the night before the moving day you will not get much sleep anyway. And waking up early probably won’t be a problem.

an alarm clock - First thing on your moving day checklist is to wake up early
Waking up early is on top of your moving day checklist.

As soon as you get up drink a large glass of water and make yourself a cup of coffee. It will help your body to wake up and it is a good way to start off, what is going to be, a stressful day.  If you have some food left in the fridge you should eat it. You will probably throw everything when you go, so use it to make breakfast before you do.

Ultimate moving day checklist – Packing last items

Moving day is not the day for packing. But there will be some items that you will purposely leave unpacked. Things like items for personal hygiene, few dishes, and beddings. You probably left your towels to dry after the showering the night before. If you slept in pajamas you will need to pack that too, along with the bed sheets. If you plan to clean the house after you move out you will have some cleaning products, sweeper or maybe a vacuum cleaner. As you can see, there will be things to pack on a moving day also. If you follow your checklist and you manage to wake up early you will have enough time to accomplish everything.  Just don’t forget to leave some moving boxes Kuwait for the last-minute packing. Hopefully, when you were preparing boxes for moving you calculated the right number that you needed for your stuff.

Ultimate moving day checklist – Before the moving crew arrives

You still have some time before the moving crew arrives. Use it to do a final tour around the house. Visit every room and see if you left something behind. Look beneath the closets, cabinets, and beds. Check the basement, attic, and garage. You will be surprised by how many things you will find.

Moving truck arrives to destination
Make sure to get there before your moving truck

When you finish the final checks you can sit down. Take the time to relax before you go out to greet your movers.  Maybe relaxing time should have its own separate spot on your moving day checklist.

Ultimate moving day checklist – Help your movers with proper advice

When you see a moving truck on your driveway you will know that your movers have arrived. It is time to greet your movers and show them around the house.  You need to show them your boxes with fragile items that you already properly labeled. But it wouldn’t hurt to point out the items that need special attention. If you have some large pieces of furniture or equipment that need to be disassembled it would be good if you could witness the packing process. You could give some helpful advice, too. The disassembling process can be very delicate sometimes. And if it comes to some kind of damage you can make a proper judgment if you were present and saw it happen. Besides advice, you could also prepare water for your movers if the loading is taking a lot of time.

Cleaning the place

If you were planning to clean the house after you move out now it’s the time to do it.  After your movers carry out your last box you can start your final cleaning. There will be some very dusty and dirty parts, especially where your furniture and kitchen appliances were positioned.

Cleaning the floor after the move
If your moving day checklist includes cleaning it needs to be quick

But you need to be very fast. You don’t want your movers to arrive at your new home before you. Talk to your movers and if they are planning to make a break for lunch you will have more time. Otherwise, do a quick clean up and get out. Pick up your cleaning gear put it the car and get to your new home fast.

Moving to your new place

It would be better if you could arrive on your destination before your moving truck. So if you think that the cleaning will make you late you can just skip it. If you don’t have a reserved parking spot at your new home you will need to make one. Or two, as moving trucks usually don’t fit into one parking place. In this situation, it would be smart to try to arrive well before your movers and try to take one or two spots with your vehicle. When the moving crew arrives they will start unloading the truck. If you picked one of the residential moving companies Kuwait with unpacking services they will unpack your stuff too. If not, you can start the unpacking yourself.

Maybe it’s too late to unpack all of your stuff so you can find boxes with things you will need to get through the night. And you can start with unpacking tomorrow. But that is not the moving day that is an unpacking day.