Crating Mistakes to be Careful About

Although it is a great way to pack large items, there are a lot of crating mistakes. It is a prevalent method in moving companies. They usually use it for large pieces of furniture. International shipping companies in Kuwait usually use it for fragile and valuable items. However, it is not expensive, but you should use it only in special cases. Otherwise, you will pay much higher for packing that you need.

  • Crating demands special material, but you should know how to use it – in some cases, you can even damage the furniture that you wanted to protect;
  • Poor packing is one of crating mistakes that you must be aware of – you must tight well and pack it to protect all parts inside;
  • People in moving companies recommend to pay attention to packing when crates to avoid damages – even during packing you can damage items inside of package;
  • Proper price is crucial – you should know that crating is expensive, but you should know that price is not proof of professionality of the workers;
  • Speaking about the professionals – workers in companies that organize international shipping Kuwait that have experience in crating will not make crating mistakes, so leave this job to them.

However, if you want or need to pack your items in this way, you should learn where people usually make mistakes. They happen when people do this job alone, not carrying about warnings. In some cases, it could end with serious damages and costs. Also, you should learn legislation that some countries have prescribed about crating and packing.

Companies usually use wooden pallets for crating

Properly packing that avoid crating mistakes

If you know to pack boxes for moving, you could learn how to crate professionally. However, it is not that easy as you may think. In most cases, you will need a proper tool and packing material. Also, you should prepare items for crating. Although crating itself means protection, you should protect items inside from damage.

What not to crate

Firstly, you should know that not everything is for crating. Although it seems like the most trustworthy package, it is costly. You should not lose that much on packing if you do not need to. It is mostly for fragile and huge pieces, usually furniture. In case that you want to protect items, you can choose one of many moving services Kuwait for help.

Do not use cheap material

People always want to save money. However, you should not save money on crating. It is serious and essential for protection. Normally, you should use the wood pallet as a base for your package. After that, use plastic wrap or paper. Or, ask professional packers how to pack. You could learn a lot from them.

Do not re-use when crating

It is not the time for recycling and re-used packages. You will not be able to control the quality of packing. Also, crating usually damages packing materials, so you cannot use them again. It could cause serious troubles if you wrap up during transportation, though.

Be careful with plastic wrap

People think that the only they must do is to tight plastic wrap above furniture. However, it could damage items inside. You should protect edges inside with paper. The much better way is to use special machines for protection.

Plastic wrap
You must not save on packing materials

Poor protection is one of crating mistakes that people do

Materials that companies use for crating usually protect items properly. However, if not used properly, the material itself could damage items inside. In that way, you will have a double problem. You will not have properly protected items. On the other hand, you have made serious problems with the whole package that could damage other items in the vehicle.

Workers must have experience

One of the crating mistakes is to hire people that do not have experience. Most of them think that it is not such a hard job. It could end with damages and maybe injuries of workers or you. You should use the services of the companies that know packing methods the best.

Protect items inside, too

Crating itself protect items from damage. However, you should protect items inside from crating. It sounds weird, but crating could damage pieces that are packed inside. It is not hard, though. You should pay attention to pieces with shine and sharp edges. Also, remove all removable parts before crating.

Clean from pets and chemicals

People forget that crating packages will be wrapped for a long time. if you have pests or chemicals on them, they will work during that time. It means that you can damage items inside even if you have to pack them properly. So, firstly clean up the items.


Humidity control is a serious problem with packing. Usually, we see it on furniture and wood. However, if we do not see it, we could pack and protect it with plastic. It will make more humidity. So, clean up before packing. To avoid new humidity and mold, make opens and holes on plastic wrap.

Transportation could be one of crating mistakes if you do not organize it properly

Crating is a method that people use to protect items from damage. However, it is not easy to organize the transportation of those items. They could have a serious problem with your vehicle or items inside. Also, the workers in moving company could end up with serious injuries. To avoid all of these problems, learn how to crate packages properly.

You must be very careful with condensation and humidity below plastic wrap

Prepare documentation

People at customs clearance cannot open packages. For that reason, they have made special legislation for crated boxes. You should inform them about it and prepare it. Mostly, it contains the list of items that are inside and the signature of the responsible person.

Use proper transport

The crating of your items does not resolve all problems. Even if you have used the best packing materials, you have still not finished the job. You should use good transportation for it. The best are trucks and large vehicles that will not damage your stuff. In that way, you will avoid common crating mistakes.