Top Jobs in Kuwait

For those outside of Kuwait, wishing to relocate to Kuwait, you need to be aware of a few things. Kuwait is globally known for oil production, and this is the main source of capital for the country. The GDP in Kuwait is so ridiculously high that smiles never vanish of the faces of those working in oil (or related) sectors. Never a sad journey to the bank. Hence you can guess which are the top jobs in Kuwait.

All of the top jobs in Kuwait are related to the oil industry. If you can make it there you will live a comfortable life.
Kuwait has a very powerful economy and offers loads of interesting career paths.

Top Jobs in Kuwait – Listed

The best possible option for you, career-wise, if you are seeking your fortune in Kuwait is to be enlisted in either the oil, engineering or finance sector. This is estimated to have continuous growth and stability, and can easily strike the top of the Top Jobs in Kuwait list. Here are some jobs within these industries that might catch your eye!

Human Resource Manager

Human resource managers are one of the most respected professions and titles you can have in Kuwait. And this goes for practically any organization. This can easily be one of the top jobs in Kuwait. It is so diverse that it can, and it does, exist in almost any industry – the good ones and the bad ones.

It is a crucial position in any organization since they are managing both all the human resources as well as capital.

Usually, in Kuwait, human resource managers receive special treatment. They are treated nearly as CEOs due to the huge role they have. They are treasured, and each human resource managers feel that way.

The salaries are competitive, to say the least. They will revolve around 6000 KWD.

This is one of the top jobs in Kuwait if no the very top job.

Public Relations Manager

When it comes to the salary itself, this job is ever so near the human resources manager. They make a whopping 5900 KWD on average.

But what does a public relations manager do? ‘He’s that guy that talks to other guys, and they all smile and shake hands’. You couldn’t be more wrong. This is one of the highest paid jobs in Kuwait for a reason!

The role of a public relations manager is to ensure and maintain the flawless image the company has. Every company wants to look good in the eyes of the public, and public relations managers are those who make it happen! Given the difficulty of this task, public relations manager go home with very fat cheques.

IT Director (Information Technology Director)

One of the tob jobs in Kuwait is the position of an IT director, person in charge of all information technologies.
IT is growing globally, and Kuwait is not blind to it.

Information technology is no longer a rare profession. It used to be, but not anymore. And the more the IT sector is evolving, globally, the more companies started valuing this asset. This is why, over the past couple of years, IT directors made the list of top jobs in Kuwait. Still making less than a public relations manager or a human resource manager, they make quite a decent living. Approximately, they receive 5100 KWD on average.

The skills of managing an IT department became highly sought in Kuwait. If your career has been developing in this direction, you might feel extremely appreciated in Kuwait!

Environmental Manager 

With all the talk about global warming and air pollution came numerous risks. No company wants to be held responsible for global warming, hence companies have started investing in the environmental sector. By doing so, they continue their work the way they always did with a positive note of protecting the environment.

The people in charge of this would be your environmental managers. As the global warming danger increased so did the need for such managers. Today, they are very powerful in Kuwait and always have loads of work opportunities. Their average pay sums up to 5000 KWD.

Executive Managers

People with executive manager experience are not only wanted in Kuwait. They are wanted all over the world! However, if you have set your eyes on Kuwait then dally no more, you will find a job over there easily!

Executive managers are usually the senior most employees in a company and they report to none other than the chairman. The income of said managers usually revolves around 4900 KWD.


One of the top jobs in Kuwait is a job of a geologist. They are always in demand, and no geologist will remain jobless for too long!

One of the tob jobs in Kuwait is the position of an IT director, person in charge of all information technologies.
IT is growing globally, and Kuwait is not blind to it.

Geologists are employees responsible for oil drilling and determining, with science, whether oil even exists in the said area. Basically, they are the nerd squad that comes in with a flash, explores the land, figures out whether there is any oil there and then points the finger at the drill site!

It is a pretty epic job, and it is well paid as well. Geologists in Kuwait usually receive about 4500 KWD. Pretty good!

Electrical Engineers

Last on our list of top jobs in Kuwait are electrical engineers. Electrical engineer as a job is rather self-explanatory. They are in charge of all things electronic, and they are usually on call 24/7 for any type of malfunction that could occur.

Usually, these malfunctions may occur with the drill and equipment surrounding it. When we talk about the oil industry, of course. The average pay is around 4000 KWD.

Finding a job is never easy. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a job in your native country, or abroad. The market is ruthless. The competition unforgiving. However, Kuwait has loads of opportunities for those willing to work and it is, by far, worth the shot!

If you are going to move to Kuwait for a job, you will need quality moving services in Kuwait! Also, if you are wishing to move your business to Kuwait, don’t fear. These tasks are all easily doable. All you need is proper information!