A guide to shipping medical equipment to Qatar

Shipping medical equipment to Qatar has become a very popular and important part of international transportation. Like in any other situation, transporting medical equipment entails the preparation of the documents and packing material. However, this transportation is not quite the same as any other. Medical equipment is usually very expensive and sensitive and could be used for a long list of special situations. You will need to be extremely cautious, learn about the shipping of those items, and prepare for unexpected situations. Some professionals could help you in these situations, so rely on Easy Move Kuwait and learn from them.

Shipping medical equipment to Qatar presumes preparation

The most important you need to learn before shipping medical equipment is to learn the legislation and regulations that control the field. In most cases, you should inform about the shipping process in the country where you will transport items. Also, you will need to prepare for the checking process and customs clearance.

A large medical equipment
Shipping medical equipment to Qatar could be difficult

Inform about the regulations

Although shipping medical equipment presumes standardized procedures, each country is not always the same. Every government defines the conditions that you must fulfill before shipping equipment. You will need to rely on professional cargo companies Qatar, and they will prepare all it is needed for this job. On the other hand, you will need to prepare yourself for transporting by learning about the procedure and documentation. First of all, inform which equipment is possible to transport, and which demands special allowances.

Learn about the forbidden items

Shipping medical supplies should be allowed in every country, and in most cases, it is. However, there are countries that have special legislations about the banned items that could include some parts of the medical equipment. In those cases, you will not be allowed to organize shipping to Qatar of medical equipment in the country. Luckily, there are simple ways to avoid this problem, so contact professionals in the companies to help you.

Prepare documents for shipping

Regardless of the exact items shipping medical equipment to Qatar entails, you will need to collect specific allowances and certificates. Although you should prepare all alone, a company that organizes shipping could help you in making a list of the required papers. In most cases, the list includes the same items.

  • You will need a valid business certificate to approval that you are a company for export/import jobs or a medical company – the best is to use professional packing services Kuwait;
  • For shipping medical equipment, in most cases, you will need a justification letter for the supplies from a medical consultant;
  • Also, you will need to prepare a purchase order and a declaration letter from a hospital or a clinic.

Get a warehouse license, too

In most cases, you will need to put equipment in a safe place while the procedure is finished. Companies use warehouses for these purposes, so it is recommended to all. However, in that case, you will need a special allowance and a license, too. Not every warehouse could help you in this case, so first, check if you can use them for those purposes. On the other hand, the storage must be equipped with the proper tool, be safe and clean, and sometimes have a climatization.

Medical equipment
Preparing medical equipment to ship to Qatar presumes preparing of the sensitive items

Inform about the prices

Although it is not a time to change the package, you should know how much the shipping will cost at the end. It will make preparation much faster and easier. The shipping company will give you a list of the costs and the prices for each part of the medical equipment. It is not the same if those items are small and packed in a small box or large piece of glass. However, it is possible to affect the price by using the different packing materials, but in those cases, you should not save money on protection.

Pack medical equipment for transporting

Packing is always difficult, especially if you need to pack medical supplies. They are sensitive and usually very expensive, so you should keep them away from the sun, chemicals, or any other troubles. Also, there is legislation on how to pack equipment that follows each country’s regulations properly.

Use clean and sturdy boxes

Depending on the type of equipment, you will need to use a special packing material and the boxes to pack items. Using a cardboard box for each part of the equipment is not safe. Sensitive parts and those made of glass should be packed in a plastic box or special packages made for them. It would be easier to use a package with the equipment that is the best for that purpose. Obviously, packages should be clean and well protected.

Transportation is a key when shipping equipment

Maybe in some other cases, you can choose between the different shipping methods, but this time you will need to be practical and cautious. Experts recommend using air freight for these purposes because it is the safest and fastest way. Preparing for the shipping is also a part of this process.


Transporting of these items is specific for one more reason. You should follow regulations, and those say that you must inform people at the customs clearance about the contents of the boxes. You will need to clearly write on the package what is inside, followed by the required documentation. In that case, you may be forced to use special labels that each country prints and recommends.

Packing for medical supplies
You should use different packing material for medical equipment

Send a person for contact

In these cases it’s good to have a person that will follow the cargo and be a contact person. It could be someone from your company who understands the regulations and the packages’ contents. That person should know which documents you have as well as the purposes of the shipped equipment. It will make the process safer, and you will have someone who will control the process from the closest place. Shipping medical equipment to Qatar that way is much safer for you.