A guide to cleaning out your attic when moving

Cleaning out your attic is difficult for many reasons. The first and most apparent is the size of the apartment and the lack of space for moving the furniture. This problem becomes even more significant when you need to prepare for moving. The procedure presumes removing the furniture, packing all items, and then cleaning the attic for new owners. However, you will need to prepare more time for this process since it will not be easy and fast as you may expect. Professional moving companies Kuwait will surely help you pack and do the job quickly. Other parts, like cleaning and preparing for new renters and owners, are your job.

Cleaning out your attic is difficult

It is the first you need to know and prepare for when cleaning out your attic before moving. It takes a long and presumes preparation. You will not be able to control those jobs and indeed cannot avoid problems and delaying. So, ensure you have prepared all on time and started accordingly.

Attic with lot of books
Cleaning out your attic is difficult because people have a lot of things there

Donate or sell furniture

Since you have organized an international move, you will need to arrange the packing and transporting of the items to the new destination. Professional packing services Kuwait could help you significantly. However, moving abroad is not easy and costs too much. Many choose not to take large items with them and leave furniture behind. If you have decided that way, you should donate furniture or give it to your friends and neighbors. In some cases, you can sell on the internet.

Take out the furniture and boxes

It sounds complicated, but it is the only way to clean up a small and tight space like the attic. On the other hand, moving could be an excellent opportunity to organize this job. You have already packed everything, chosen furniture to take with you and not, and hired movers to manage the moving. If you have too many items, you can rely on professional warehousing companies Kuwait and leave them in a safe place.

Cleaning starts with prominent parts

Cleaning is complex, and nobody likes it, but you can manage it with good organization. The first steps presume to inspect and resolve the possible problems. After that, you can start cleaning and removing items from the attic.

Inspect the attic

You surely know that every space has hidden spots, which you never clean or check. Those parts are usually behind the furniture. When you have installations hidden, cleaning out your attic before the relocation is the best time to prevent them.

  • Make sure that all cables are safe and without holes – and repair all that seems suspicious;
  • You should rely on professionals in this job, so hire workers to check the installation;
  • Professionals in international moving companies know that you will need time for this so they will not hurry.

Check the mold and moisture

In most attics, angles and corners are hidden, covered by large pieces of furniture. In those situations, you cannot be sure if you have a mold. Unfortunately, it is usually there, so you can see it when you remove large items. Resolving the problem before leaving home is crucial since it will cause massive pain for new owners. There are a lot of chemicals that people usually use in these situations.

Remove the dust

Depending on the stage of dirt and dust in your attic, you will need different methods and chemicals for cleaning. One of the most important is using a simple mop and water. All other things are recommended if it is required. Also, inspect the floor and furniture. Maybe you do not have as big a problem with the dust as you may think.

Firstly pack your items and donate or sell

Clean doors and the windows

Most people forget about those two leaving them dirty or only lightly cleaned. It is essential to clean up doors, footers and hangs. Also, ensure you have fixed all damages, scratches, and loose parts. The same you should do with the windows, which you should wash up and clean. It will take a day, but you should be a good owner and leave a clean and fresh home to your new owners.

Clean the kitchen and toilet

Although you will use those two parts until you leave home, you should keep them clean, too. The procedure is straightforward, though. Ensure you have cleaned all parts, removed empty bottles and makeup, and wiped the floors. Later, you can do the same thing again, or only needed ones. It is easy to keep them clean when they are already washed thoroughly.

Take care of yourself

Although you are in a hurry because of moving, you should not organize this job that fasts and without control. One of the most important things you should do is manage to remove and transport the furniture. After that, you can relax and continue with the relocation.

Take a rest

This is one of the most challenging jobs, and cleaning could take much more time than you have planned. Also, you may face problems and unexpected delaying. Experts recommend taking a rest when you feel exhausted. You will need a moment for yourself, especially if you have planned to move abroad. It is not harmful to put a chair in the center of the attic and simply rest.

Empty attic
It is the best when the attic is empty and easy for cleaning

Do not use too many chemicals

You may feel organized and prepared for the job, but it is not a time to be too detailed. Experts recommend using only a few chemicals and those that are not strong. You will have problems with health if you use too many acids or chemicals with the smell. Do not forget that attics are small, and you maybe have a few windows to open. You do not need to use that many cleaning methods; stick to a few and keep the home fresh when cleaning out your attic.