A comprehensive shipping guide

When it comes to moving to long distances, there are always so many tasks. If you are moving to another country for the first time, you might get surprised when you realize how many tasks you will have to finish. The best advice you can get from our Easy Move Kuwait experts is to create your customized list of upcoming tasks. Besides, you will have to find the answers to every single detail about the logistics of your move. As we offer advanced and professional logistics & transportation services for the multiple needs of our clients, we can provide you with useful advice on your upcoming move. That is the reason why we had compiled this shipping guide. Our main goal to help you out, so feel free to contact us about your upcoming move.

Shipping guide for your next move

As experienced moving experts we know that not everyone has the same requirements when it is about moving possession abroad. For this reason, our logistics department is here to determine the best way of action. Depending on your cargo size and the distance it has to cross, we will need to calculate and determine the fastest transportation route and method. This is going to ensure that your possession or goods reach their final destination within arranged deadlines and in mint condition. This stage of the process is so important to us since we value time-efficiency and productivity. We believe that this job is not possible without planning and organization. And our customers are able to get a comprehensive shipping guide and a detailed plan of the forwarding process from one point to another.

Shipping ships
We are hoping to help you out with this shipping guide for your next move.

Reading our shipping guide will learn you that the safety of your belongings is crucial

The safety of your item is the most important to us. As you know, if you pack them improperly, you are exposing them to the risk of damages. Otherwise, we know how to protect and pack your belongings in the best way. When it comes to the safety of your items, you have right to know everything. And luckily, we are the moving company who has nothing to hide. For example, if you have to sent shipping to Bahrain you will need to find the best way to do it. Among different freight forwarders who can take your items from Kuwait to Bahrain, make sure to the proven company who can handle your shipment trouble-free. Unquestionably, from all freight forwarders in Kuwait, Easy Move Kuwait is the best one. If you need to transport your shipment to Bahrain safely and with ease, be free to contact us.

Be free to rely on us and our shipping guide

The simplest way to get through moving process is to hire professional help. If you ever heard about us, you know that our moving company from Kuwait is able to offer a smooth and hassle-free moving experience. Our team is ready to meet their clients and plan out the move from point A to Point B well ahead of time. Besides, we promise that your belongings will be packed with high-quality packing supplies and materials, properly labeled, and secured for transportation in our moving trucks. Not only we can provide you with the answers you are interested in, but also provide your things with quality supplies and equipment. Additionally, this is not where our job ends. Nevertheless, we posed logistic connections and knowledge to transport your things on wanted addresses without struggles. The transporting process has a few different stages, and let’s explore it together.

We can make an agreement that best suits you.


Forwarding is the first stage of the process

Forwarding is the first of our logistics services, so we will explain it firstly in our shipping guide. Well, this is the stage where we evaluate the best means of transportation for your shipment. To do our job in the best possible way, we will need to find out your need and priorities. It is not going to be the same to wait for your shipment longer than two months if you are moving your business. Depending on your needs, priorities, and time-frame, we offer transportation by air, sea, and ground.

Chose the way to transport your goods

To create this shipping guide as better as possible, we will provide you with many interesting details. When it comes to transportation of your goods and belongings, you need to consider many facts to choose right. Is there any way to make this easier for you? Of course, here is how we are going to do it. Firstly, we will help you consider your needs. Secondly, we will give you honest advice after you contact us. Remember, we will be there for you during the entire process, not only during but also before your move. Additionally, we offer you only the most modern transportation means: 

  • Air – direct flights from Kuwait to any larger distribution center in the world. From there, the cargo reaches the final destination trouble-free. Read some air fright facts while you are considering this transportation option.
  • Sea – top-of-the-line cargo containers that can withhold the long journey without causing any damages to the content within. You will have to with longer than if you pick air freight, but it still means that your belongings will stay safe and sound. Of course, sea transportation is more affordable than air freight. It is adequate for household and good moving is you not pressured by any date.
  • Ground – Easy Move Kuwait has access to a modern and regularly serviced choice of moving trucks and vans. You can ask for quotes and opt for this type of transportation of it it’s to your needs.
Air transportation is the fastest one.

Storage is the second stage of the process

Our storage facilities are high-quality. So if the need arises for the items to be temporarily stored before reaching your new destination, you have nothing to worry about, cause this is something we can arrange. Short term storage options are available for all our customers to ensure the safe arrival of their possession. Depending on the type of your belongings, we have storage units of all sizes, with and without climate control. All our storage facilities are secure and guarded to provide and you have nothing to worry about.

Handling is the last stage of the process

Here is the moment when our experienced logistics crews make sure that your cargo arrives at the final destination in one piece. Now it is time to unload and unpack all larger and robust items. And once everything has been approved by the customer, we are ready to level. We believe that this shipping guide will be useful next time you need to transport your belongings or goods.