7 Factors that Influence Ocean Freight Rates

Companies have mostly standardized the most common factors that influence ocean freight rates. They have also usually equalized their rates so that most companies charge the same price for the same service. However, shipping is complicated, so you must learn more about how companies define their rates. Starting from destination and time of shipping to the type of goods you want to ship, rates could be significantly different. Therefore, you will get the most favorable prices when you hire one of the most professional moving companies in Kuwait.

Which factors influence ocean freight rates?

There are a lot of factors that influence rates in ocean shipping, but you should learn the basic ones. When companies define prices, they start from the primary service they offer and then calculate additional services if you use them.

Additional services are one of the factors that influence ocean freight rates


The destination is one of the most important factors that influence ocean freight rates. International shipping Kuwait organizes transporting goods worldwide, so calculating costs for each destination takes work. Also, it presumes longevity of the journey and routes the company must use.

Service charges

You can use different moving services Kuwait, but you should know that their prices are different. Any extra service client chooses to affect the price, though. Companies will indeed offer the most reliable and helpful service, but you should decide smartly what is most needed for your shipping. However, you should not save money on services if they significantly save time and money.


You surely know that a company’s service prices depend on the time of the year. There are parts of the year when prices are higher, like during holidays. Also, sea freight companies Kuwait charge more for winter transport due to weather conditions.


Although companies charge prices depending on the resources they use, they also rely on the currency. Sea freight companies in Kuwait takes in mind denomination used for international transaction purposes. Ocean rate depends on many factors, including fluctuations in speed, exchanges, and many more.

Do not forget fees and taxes

Companies need to calculate fees and taxes when calculating the costs of shipping. Most clients consider them cheap, but they can significantly increase the final bill.

Fines and fees

Due to transaction fees and taxes, companies know that shipping to Bahrain can cost more. In some cases, a delay in the ship reaching the port could dramatically cost and increase the price. So, they need to include it in their prices.

Saving money
There are lot of ways to save money when shipping

Terminal fees

Companies need to calculate terminal fees in their prices along with other mentioned fees. They depend on the port’s location and companies that charge port fees and taxes.

  • Factors that influence ocean freight rates usually presume the place where you have organized transporting
  • The company must pay while embarking on the journey from a port and after reaching the destination
  • Clients also know terminal fees as ocean freight rates and depend on many factors.

Bunker capacity

Although bunkers are containers, there are slight differences, as well as between oil and diesel bunkers. Bunkers store fuel, so their transportation demands much different equipment and organization. It also affects the price, so they are factors that influence ocean freight rates.