How to maintain security during a move

Moving presents a great security risk, both to you and your belongings. With everything being backed, loaded and shipped, there is a lot of potential for property loss. That’s why it’s very important to maintain security during a move. From securing both your old and your new home to ensuring that all of your belongings arrive safely. While choosing a reliable moving company is a great first step, there are also many things that you can do to contribute to the safety of your belongings. Here are some tips on how to ensure the safety of your items when moving.

Maintain security during a move with reliable movers

Choosing a reliable moving company is the first step you should take to maintain security during a move. They are the ones who will be handling all your items. And if you can’t trust them, you can’t really have a secure relocation. There is simply no way for you to keep a close eye on all the movers during the entire relocation. So, when choosing, pick only top packers and movers in Kuwait. You can also do a background check on them to make sure they are who they say they are. Here are some things that you can do:

  • Check out the website – are there any missing pages? Is all the info there?
  • Check if they are a registered company
  • Read online reviews about them
  • Check their hiring policies
  • Check if they offer any kind of insurance

By doing your homework and checking everything you will have more confidence in your movers. And you will be able to focus on other aspects of your relocation. Both regarding security and other obligations.

man writing down a plan on how to maintain security during a move
Make sure to investigate your moving company thoroughly

Avoid scams

By doing all those checks you will ensure that you avoid scams. Moving industry is particularly susceptible to scams. It’s easy for fraudulent movers to keep your belongings hostage until you agree to pay additional fees. In some cases, people have lost all of their belongings to thieves.

Make sure you find a business address that the moving company is using. You can visit it in person or scout it using Street view on Google Maps. But, make sure that they are located there. Also, make sure you find out if they are a registered business or not. Even if they aren’t running a scam, you will be more protected with a registered company. Once everything checks out you can proceed to sign a contract. But, make sure you read it thoroughly. There might be some things in it that you don’t like. It can be a mandatory additional fee or some insurance problems.

Secure your home during a relocation

Another important thing that you need in order to maintain security during a move is to secure your home. When the moving day comes, there will be people all over your home. Both movers and friends who are helping you. The door will most likely remain open during the day so the movers can work faster. Even if you have an organized relocation, that’s still a potential security risk.

To mitigate that, make sure you have someone stationed at the door at all times. That way, you will prevent thieves that are passing by from stealing your items.

a building
Make sure someone is standing near the door the whole time.

Make an inventory list to maintain security during a move

Losing an item or two during transport is something that happens from time to time. But, it’s something that can’t be easily proven. And, you can’t maintain security during a move when your movers drive off with your things. So, even before you contact freight forwarders in Kuwait, make sure you have an inventory list.

Make sure to list every single item that will be transported. From big home appliances to small kitchen items. That way, you will know exactly what is there and what isn’t. You can separate the list by rooms for easier packing, as well. It can be of great help when you know exactly what to pack.

Once you have your list make sure you make two copies. Give one copy to the moving company, and keep one for yourself. That way, both you and your movers will have a clear idea of what’s inside. And it will minimize the chance of lost items.

Secure your new home

Even before you move in, you need to start thinking about securing your new home. If you want to maintain security during a move, you need to be proactive. Many thieves and burglars scout neighborhoods for people moving in. You will be in a new environment. And your belongings will be all over the place. It’s very easy for someone to sneak in and steal your stuff. So, make sure you install a security system before your belongings arrive. Especially if you are moving fine art and antiques.

a door
Make sure to secure your new home!

First, check all the locks. Make sure they work properly. Next, secure your windows. Especially if you are moving into a house. Your windows will probably be easily reachable from the ground. Then, make sure that your garage and basement are locked as well.

Additionally, installing a security system can go a long way if you want to maintain security during a move and after it. Depending on the type of property and how valuable your items are, you have a few choices. You can simply install an alarm system. If you want to further protect your home you can install security cameras as well.


There are many things that you can to do improve the security of both your old home and the new one. And even though you can never have complete control, you can improve the security of your items. Just by knowing what are the risks to your items, you have already made the first step. Now, it’s up to you to pay close attention and maintain security during a move.