Top Kuwait cities for expats

Kuwait is a country in Western Asia, and it has a population of 4.2 million people. But, most of them (70%) are expats. Because of that, there is no doubt that you will fit quickly. Official religion in Islam, but do not believe everything you see and hear on the TV. When you go there you will see how they will greet you. Before moving, you should find logistics companies in Kuwait and they can help you with your move. Kuwait is the cheapest country for expats seeking a position in the Gulf. If you do not think that’s true, Dubai and Abu Dhabi were ranked the second and third most expensive Middle East cities for the cost of living for expats. There are few Kuwait cities for expats, where you can enjoy and relax. 

Questions how to choose best Kuwait cities for expats
Where to go, when, how to choose best Kuwait city for expats.

Start to pack

Before moving you need to start packing. For that job, you will need moving boxes Kuwait. You need you to know a lot of things about packing. How to pack fragile items, TV, clothes and which box to choose from. Moving is so stressful so, take your time. Do not panic. Little by little you will be finished, but because of that start a little earlier with packing and planning. Prepare for a move overseas, it can help your moving goes smooth and without stress.

Packing boxes for moving to Kuwait
Be prepared and start to pack. Kuwait is waiting for you

The best Kuwait cities for expats

How to choose the best city in Kuwait for you and your family? Where to go? There are a million questions. First, you need to know what do you want. And of course what you can afford. For example:

  • City center or the suburb – There is no rule that houses or apartments are more expensive in the center.
  • Near your job – The city you chose can be one of the best Kuwait cities for expats, but if you need to be the whole day in the car, is it worth it? You should choose the city near your office. If you want to start your business in Kuwait and be your own boss. Pack your office, move and choose the city that is perfect for your business.
  • School for kids – Also, the same is for school if you have kids. You do not want your children traveling for 1 hour to school. If you have already chosen a school, then that is the city you should live in. That’s why you should pick the city first then pick the school. Wherever you move to Kuwait, there are many different schools, from Indian to American and British private schools.

    Father and son moving to Kuwait
    Ask your kids what they want and what they expect. Explore together

Kuwait City

The capital of the State of Kuwait. Of course, it is also the largest city in Kuwait who has it all. There are the Kuwait Towers, the Liberation Tower, the Grand Mosque, Museum of Modern Art, National Museum and many other places. Do not worry about the kids. The education is great, and Kuwait City has a lot of activities for them. Kuwait University, Australian College of Kuwait, and many high and elementary schools are there. The prices are a little higher (for renting or buying a home), but it is worth it.


It is 12 kilometers (7,45 mile) Southeast of Kuwait City. And it is one of the largest cities in Kuwait. You have everything there. Activities for kids and you, nice houses, good schools and it is the perfect place to start your new career. Administratively divided into 12 blocks, and it is a popular commercial and cultural hub. The American University of Kuwait and The Indian Community School are in Salmiya. Be prepared for the cost of living in Kuwait and before a move, you should get all the information about prices. Salmiya has mosques and a Roman Catholic Chapel. Also has an aquarium, a Scientific Center, movie theater, football stadium, and medical centers.   Ala

Al Ahmadi

Al Ahmadi is located in Al Ahmadi Governorate and it is called the city of oil because it has a lot of oil. It has American style grid and green surroundings. If you prefer to live in green and peaceful surroundings, then Al Ahmadi is the perfect place. At the beginning of 1940s British and Indian expats started settling there. And that’s why it is one of the best Kuwait cities for expats. This city is decorated with beautiful lights to celebrate Kuwait’s National and Liberation Day, every year.


It is located in the Hawalli Governorate and Salwa is divided into 12 blocks. Salwa is the city for expats definitely, and now it home to Kuwaitis, Asians, Egyptians, Westerners and the British too. The population is 40,000. Every block has shops such as Starbucks, McDonald’s, Doughnut Shops, salons and grocery shops. Your kids can be at the parks, beach, outdoor gym. They will love it. And you will fit quickly.

Al Jahra

Al Jahra is located 32 kilometers (20 miles) west of Kuwait City, and it is the capital of the Al Jahra Governorate. The population is 400,000, which is much more than Kuwait City (40,000). There you also have American and English schools, good restaurants, parks…Prices are lower than Kuwait City, but for 20 minutes you are in the capital of Kuwait. What is better than that?

We hoped that we helped you to choose best Kuwait cities for expats. As we mentioned before, you do not have to worry too much. Kuwait has it all. The only thing that will be different is the culture. The cultural shock will be there, but you will get used to it. Their food, tradition is amazing, try to learn something before you move. They have a rich history, so take a book and research.