What is it that foreigners love about Kuwait?

Just like its neighbor Saudi Arabia, Kuwait is an oil-rich country that conflates modern life with unique Arabic traditions. People who visit this Middle Eastern country will come once again since you cannot possibly see everything in only ten days. What is it that foreigners love about Kuwait? The reasons are endless. If you are still looking for a new destination to visit, make sure to read until the end. Who knows, maybe you end up living in Kuwait. International moving companies will be busy with so many foreigners relocating to Kuwait. 

Facts about Kuwait 

If this is your first time reading about Kuwait, let’s start with basic information. Kuwait is located on the Arabian Peninsula in the northwestern part of the Persian Gulf. Due to its location, it has its fair share of troubles as its land is one of the driest and inhabitable on the Earth. The name comes from the Arabic word meaning fort. Since 1756, Kuwait’s fortune has grown thanks to foreign commerce. For this reason, Kuwait is one of the most urbanized countries with more than 4 million residents. Despite the harsh climate and living conditions, Kuwait is the fourth wealthiest country in the world. They use the Kuwait Dinar as the currency. The capital city is Kuwait City, an urban center of the country. Additionally, the official language is Arabic with English as the second language so you will have no problems communicating or shipping from Kuwait to UK. 

a city during the sunset
Kuwait is an interesting country worth visiting

Accessibility is one of the aspects that foreigners love about Kuwait 

It is very easy to visit Kuwait. The country is well-connected to the rest of the world, mostly due to foreign commerce. For this reason, you will have almost no problems to reach this small Arabic country. You can easily book a flight, especially from North America and Europe. Major airplane companies offer a direct flight to Kuwait. However, foreigners need a visa to enter the country. Residents of the UK, EU countries, the US, and Canada can get a three-month visa for a fee. American citizens can apply for a visa online by visiting the iVISA website. If you live in a country not mentioned above, obtaining a visa might be a little bit more complicated. Therefore, you should contact the Kuwait Embassy or consulate in your country for more information.  

The Kuwait Towers 

Probably one of the most popular tourist places in Kuwait is the Kuwait Towers. So, what are the Kuwait Towers, and what is so special about them? They are not high, “only” 600 feet, nor they are ancient or modern since they are opened in 1979. However, they still attract so much attention. One reason for their fame might be in their unique design. The Kuwait Towers are three slender towers that have blue and green baubles. They act as a symbol of Kuwait’s economic revival. Interestingly enough, the Towers were designed by a Swedish company. Apart from being a touristic landmark, you can enter these towers. You can have lunch or dinner at the top of the tower in one of the restaurants. In addition to this, you can also visit a gift shop and enjoy the view of the city.  

two towers in the beach
You should visit the famous Kuwait Towers

Foreigners love about Kuwait … all the beautiful places 

The Kuwait Towers are not the only place to visit. Here are some more suggestions. 

  • Kuwait City – the capital city is one of the most attractive cities in Kuwait. Kuwait City is a perfect mix of modernity and tradition. However, alcohol is banned. 
  • The Grand Mosque – the largest mosque, hence the name, is a beautiful place with extravagant decorations. In addition to this, you can visit the Grand Mosque for free! 
  • Failaka Island – only 12 miles away from Kuwait City is the small island of Failaka. You can visit this important archaeological site by boat, stay there for a couple of nights, and drinking coffee by the sea. 
  • Beaches in Kuwait – there are countless public beaches and parks, beach clubs, etc. You should not miss out on sandy beaches and blue water.  
  • Kuwait Desert – you can take a tour of Kuwait Desert. 

Fashion in Kuwait 

The population in Kuwait is very diverse. Almost 70% of its residents are of foreign origin, so it is no wonder that foreigners love everything about Kuwait. In addition to this, Kuwait can be seen as an “alternative” Arabic country. Meaning, it is safe, unlike Iran, and more relax and comfortable unlike huge the United Arab Emirates or Saudi Arabia. However, Kuwait is still an Arabic country. Fashion might be one of the most common cultural differences between Kuwait and the USA. You must have heard stories about westerners being forced to cover up. This does not apply to Kuwait. Although you still have to respect their culture and practices, you do not have to cover up. Bikinis are allowed in private pools but not on the public beach. It is not forbidden to wear short dresses or skirts.

a woman walking on the beach
Respect Kuwait’s culture by not showing too much skin

A culture that foreigners love about Kuwait 

If you want to learn about a foreign country, start with food. Kuwait’s dishes are a fusion of Persian, Indian, Arabian, and even Mediterranean cuisines. You should try machboos, a meal made with chicken, rice, and special spices. In addition to local cuisine, Kuwait has a large number of expatriates, meaning there is a wide variety of traditional dishes to try. However, food is not everything you can try in Kuwait. There are countless spas, health centers, fitness programs, sports activities, etc. Apart from indoor activities, you can try riding a camel, horseback riding is available as well, scuba diving and sailing. Lastly, there is shopping. You can visit open markets and try your hand at a bargain.