Tips and tricks for safe shipping of hazardous materials

International shipping has many different rules and regulations. Of course, some of them are related to the safe shipping of hazardous materials. And if you are planning to ship items that are considered dangerous it would be smart to learn those regulations. The good thing is that you can hire a professional packaging company to prepare your items for shipping. But, you can also do it on your own. In that case, read this article and learn how to prepare your hazardous materials before shipping it via air freight Kuwait.

Learn where to find hazardous materials

Many products contain dangerous materials. And, maybe you are not aware of their presence. That is why you should know your product well before you try to ship it. Here is the list of items that usually contain some sort of hazardous materials. And thus require special handling.

  • Safe shipping of hazardous materials laws usually regulates items that contain batteries.
  • Tools and construction materials (e.g. propane torches, paints, epoxies, adhesives)
  • Different household items
  • Cooling equipment
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Biological materials
  • Diving equipment and other types of breathing apparatuses
  • Dry ice requires special attention with air shipping
  • Laboratory and other testing equipment
batteries of white surface
Watch for batteries, they are the most common problem

Safe shipping of hazardous materials require special packaging solutions

When you are planning to ship items that contain hazardous materials, it is important to understand packaging requirements and regulations. That usually means that you have to have some sort of tested and approved packaging solution. If you don’t know much about packaging solutions, it is good to know that moving companies deal with all sorts of packaging materials. That means that you can call your moving services Kuwait and see if they have something to offer for this purpose.  But still, you will need to know how to use the appropriate packaging solution properly.

Pay attention to how you handle the packaging

The first thing to watch out for when packing hazardous materials is to use the packaging solutions the way it was tested. If you keep up to its requirements, your shipment could be held at customs, seized and you could be fined. You will get the instructions and you just need to follow them.

Leak-proof bags and pressure-tested containers are a requirement with safe shipping of hazardous materials by air

If you are shipping dangerous liquids by air, you always need to use leak-proof bags in combination with pressure-tested containers to secure your shipment. If you are working with pressure-tested containers, pay close attention and follow the closing instructions thoroughly.

Secure your load

Finally, your final step is to secure the packaging with lots of padding. There are many different available solutions for this purpose. But, the important thing is that you protect your cargo from any accidental damage.

Bubble plastic for safe shipping of hazardous materials
Bubble plastic is a good solution for padding your load

Safe shipping of hazardous materials is easier with professional help

As you can see the most important part of the safe shipping of hazardous materials is to apply appropriate packaging solutions. If you think that this is too complicated for you, you can always hire professional packers to do it for you. This may be a more costly option, but at least your cargo will be 100% safe.