Things you Will Miss Most When Leaving Home

There are things that you will miss most when leaving home, besides all others. It is especially important to know when moving overseas. You cannot take everything with you, so relocating to Kuwait could be especially emotional for everybody. There are a lot of things that you simply must leave behind. Moving abroad usually means starting a new life and a massive change in life. There are things that you need to leave behind, no matter how important you are.

  • Although you would love to make memories with you, you need to leave them – they take a lot of space;
  • Regardless of so many shipping services Kuwait, it is not possible to make furniture with you – so favorite chair must stay at home;
  • Electric devices take a lot of space; you need particular documentation for them and surely will have troubles with customs clearance;
  • Toys will miss most when leaving home, no matter how old you are – but it is hard to take stuffed animals in suitcases;
  • All robust things simply stay at home – you should pack only essential things when moving oversea.

However, objects are not the only that you will miss when moving. There are a lot of non-materials things that you will miss after living home. Do not forget about small signs of love from your parents or favorite pet. All of these represent a significant part of your previous life. You will surely miss them after leaving.

Christmas table
The hardest when leaving home is how to spend holidays alone

People and living beings that you will miss most when leaving home

The first you will be sorry for is the people and pets you love the most. It is hard to leave parents, brothers, and sisters, and friends. Much harder is if you move to another country or even continent. However, do not forget about pets. Although they are not human, they have emotions, too. You will see how sorry they are because of your leaving. On the other hand, you should stay hard and leave them behind. It is a new life for you.

Old friends

You surely expect that your old friends will miss the most after moving. Unfortunately, it is something that freight forwarders cannot bring with you. You will surely make new friends after moving. However, your first friends are precious. Luckily, you can stay in touch with them thanks to the internet and social network.

Family’s meetings

International movers cannot help you with leaving the family. They can only help you to pack favorite memories of family’s meetings and happy days from the past. It is especially hard on holidays. However, make sure that you have not altogether left them behind and stay in touch.


Yes, you will sorry for leaving your pets; that is for sure. They are almost like a member of the family. However, you will be able to have contact with it and see how it becomes grown or older. It is sad, but you should prepare for that part of your life.

A dog with owners
Your pet is like a member of the family so you will miss him when leaving

Things that will miss most when leaving home

You will lose your favorite chair, sofa, or pillow when moving from home. Although you can take small items with you, most of them you will leave behind. It is especially important to know when moving abroad. Most of the things you cannot take with you on the plane. So, say goodbye to your stuff. You will miss their smell, touch, or place where they usually stay.

Mom’s kitchen

Let be honest; you will never cook like your mother. Even if she gives you recipes and pieces of advice. Her cookies are sweet in a particular way, and nobody can make it the same. However, you will find a good bakery in the corner or learn to prepare the food on your way. Do not feel sorry for that.

Your room

Although it is only a room, it was your space when you were younger. It is full of posters, furniture, and souvenirs. However, it is not only a physical memory. It has particular noises around, smell, or even lights during the day. You will never forget it, no matter how long you go.

Climate routine

When moving abroad, you should prepare for climate change. If you are lucky, you will go somewhere where it is not much different than in your home. However, there is no place where you will wear the same wardrobe at the same time of the year. Your favorite jacket maybe does not feet to the climate in the new country. Or, perhaps you have learned what to wear on your birthday.

Relaxing at home
You will miss your great relaxing time in your home

You will miss the holidays

It seems that the world has become a large village. You can celebrate every holiday in every part of the world. However, you will lose to spend it with people you love. You will lose the food and decoration. It is hard to not think of family on those days. Especially on religious or national holidays.

Comfort and small things that you will mist most when leaving home

For most people, living with parents is comfortable and safe. We love our homes because of our habits and small things that surround us. Those little things will mist the most after moving. However, include minor signs of love from our family. You will sorry because your older sister is not there to annoy you.

You will miss time alone

Yes, you are moving to a new country, change habits, and have a new routine. Maybe you will leave it alone. However, only at home, you were able to do nothing. Your parents worry about the bills, credits, and mortgage. When you have grown person, you do not have a luxury do spend days in napping after lunch.

Comfort zone

Everybody talks about it. You need to go out of your comfort zone if you want to change something in your life. However, it is the hardest and most excitement at the same time. Your comfort and feel that you do not have obligations is something that you will miss most when leaving home.