Things you can’t ship to Kuwait

There are a lot of things you can’t ship to Kuwait. Although it seems too complicated, there are reasons why they have extreme prohibitions. You will need to check the company for the list of the banned items, and professional companies like Easy Move Kuwait will surely help you in this situation. Do not forget to pack items for shipping properly and protect them.

Which things you can’t ship to Kuwait?

There are items that Kuwait will not allow you for shipping like many other countries will not. Among those items are dangerous and sensitive stuff, too.

A weapon is one of the things you can’t ship to Kuwait

Dangerous goods

It is for sure that any company will not allow the shipping of goods that could be dangerous for shipping. Among them are items that are directly dangerous, like explosives or ammunition. It is obvious that companies will not allow shipping items that could explode, but also weapons that you can use for terrorist attacks during traveling. However, there are items that can be classified as dangerous, but not in every situation so cargo companies in Kuwait will not transport them.

Items that are classified as dangerous

You may feel a little disappointed with information that companies will not transport items classified as dangerous, although they are commonly not dangerous. Among those items are perfumes and lithium batteries. The reason is obvious, those items can explode or make serious damage to the metal. If you have some of those items that cannot transport, you can rent storage in Kuwait and put items there before traveling.

Biodegradable items

Food, perishable items, organic and industrial waste, plants, and seeds companies usually will not transport, considering them dangerous for public health. Although you will want to bring your favorite food or groceries, it would be better to leave them at home. Companies will ban ingredients that could degrade to waste, liquid, or other materials that could damage materials. It is always good to rely on logistic companies Kuwait for advice and help.

Items that are too big for transporting

When say too big for transporting companies consider items that cannot fit on the pallet. Among them are agricultural equipment, vehicles, furniture, and even carpet rolls. Since they cannot pack and put them on the pallet, they will not accept them for transport. However, it does not mean that you will not be able to transport those items at all. Companies have specialized workers and services for these purposes, so check firstly with them how to organize transport for large stuff.

Biological substances

Companies usually avoid transporting of blood samples, live animals, dead animals, animal fur, human organs, and remains. There are a lot of reasons for that, including spoiling of the substances, bad smells, and possible problems. Also, those items can damage vehicles, boxes, and other parts, and demand special temperatures and conditions for transporting. Companies cannot promise safety in these cases, so you should organize different ways of transporting them.

Consider quitting smoking before moving

Other items that are forbidden in Kuwait

There are items that are, at first glance, not usual on the list of banned items. However, countries will not allow them in any circumstance.

Tobacco and alcohol

You surely know that Saudi Arabia completely bans alcohol, forbidding taking the same substance when coming to the country. The same reason is worth the tobacco that is considered offensive and the opposite with religion. If you have planned to take even small amounts of those items you should consider of leaving them at home. It is good to learn about are health risks of smoking tobacco before it.

Medias displaying female anatomy

Kuwait, like other countries in UAE, does not allow the representation of the female body in any circumstance, and women in this country have to cover their body parts in public. For the same reason, they do not allow media that display the female body. These include pornography, but also magazines, movies, and posters with women in particular situations.

Goods from Israel

When it comes to the forbidden items, there are few that this country bans for political reasons, no matter what they are. It is also not important if those items came directly or indirectly from Israel. Israelian people cannot take almost anything with them when coming to Kuwait. For similar reasons, you cannot bring animals from Iraq.

Other items that you cannot bring

The list of the banned items in Kuwait is very long and it is difficult to explain why some of the items are on it. However, you should be very careful when coming to this country and prepare for these prohibitions. Among the items that are weird, but banned in Kuwait are:

  • Toys or any item that shows an animal or the human body – mostly because of the religion;
  • DVDs, tapes, and other media – no matter what is on them;
  • Plants and plant products – countries will strictly be forbidden taking the plant with you because of diseases;
  • Drugs – even if they are prescribed so find a doctor before moving to this country for a new prescription;
  • Computers, computer parts, and software as well as radar and radio equipment, telecommunications, and television equipment.

    Bottle of alcohol
    You will not be allowed to bring and consume alcohol in Kuwait

How to pack items when transporting to Kuwait?

You should be very careful when shipping items to Kuwait for many reasons. However, the most important is to pack them properly so they will not damage or lost. First of all, you should have sturdy boxes and packages that protect you from damage. The box should be new and firm and it would be best to type and secure it from damages. Make sure that you have closed carefully and check double for that.

Why does Kuwait ban some items?

There are a lot of reasons why some countries decide to ban certain items from shipping. While most of them are dangerous, there are items that are banned for another reason. Most of the things you can’t ship to Kuwait are banned because they are dangerous – like ammunition, explosives, or corrosive chemicals. Some countries ban items due to religious rules and cultural manners. In some cases, countries could forbid items that find offensive, so you should inform about it before moving. However, if you learn which things you can’t ship to Kuwait, you will easily organize your transport.