The Proper Way To Ship Your Bicycle

There are a lot of ways to ship your bicycle. However, people are not always aware of how hard it could be. Not only that bicycle is robust and significant. It is very sensitive and presuming expensive, so you must pay attention to the protection first. If you choose the best shipping company in Kuwait, you will not have a problem like that. However, there are a lot of things you should do on your own.

At first, you should inform them how to pack the bicycle easily. Most of the brands have special packages or boxes for them. When you buy a new bike, you get a manual and original box. It would be best if you saved it. If not, you should ask in select stores for advice. They surely have a proper tool and guide for this job.

Bicycle is a simple but powerful vehicle

How to ship your bicycle and find the best transport

It is not easy to transport your bicycle, but the hardest is to choose transportation. Although you may feel it as unimportant, the vehicle where you will put your precious item is essential. Some of them have unique fences and ramps for bikes. You have surely seen vans and camp trailers with carriers for the bikes. They are proper resolution, but only for short distances and family trips. When packing for moving, you should be especially careful.

  • One of the most important reasons why you cannot ship your bicycle without preparation is because they are very fragile – you must not distort the frame or wheel;
  • Shipping to Saudi Arabia is hard itself because of the distance it is on – it is especially hard for robust items like a bike;
  • Decluttering is crucial for bikes – it is hard or even impossible to transport them at one piece;
  • Packing is always essential, but for bikes even harder than in any other situation – you will hardly be able to use common packing materials;
  • Some countries will ask you to prepare documents that prove your ownership – especially when moving to another country.

Use manual

Every bicycle comes with a manual that should help us to repair and compile after moving. If you hire the best Kuwait movers, you can relax. Their workers are skilled in all kinds of packing and decluttering. However, you can do it on your own as much as you can.

Ask in shop for advice

People in stores where you have bought your bicycle know the easiest ways to help you. They surely have manuals for all types of bikes, too. So, it would help if you visited them before you start packing. High freight forwarders in Kuwait will do the rest. The most important is to cooperate only with professionals in this job.

Remove front wheel

Although you will surely find the easiest and best way to separate your bike, you should start with the essential items. The front wheel is detached, so you should remove it to protect it. It is not hard, but you should follow the guidance. Again, you can ask professionals for help.

Man driving bike
You can easily learn to drive your bike

Wrap rear wheel axle

Rear-wheel, on the other hand, is connected to the bicycle. You cannot remove it, so do not even try. The easiest way is to wrap it and protect it. It will stay stable in transport. Also, safeguard angles and screws that connect it to the frame.

Packing is specific when shipping your bicycle

If you have not a proper vehicle for bikes or trailers with ramps, you should declutter your motorcycle. It means that you will need a unique tool and knowledge. Most of the people that drive bikes know all tricks and essential steps for this. However, if you are a newbie and your bike is only for recreational driving, you should ask professionals. The best is to visit a store where you have bought your bicycle.

Choose how to pack

There are different ways to pack your bicycle, and you should choose the most comfortable method for you. Even moving companies have not a standard model of how to protect it. However, professionals advise using cardboard. It is sturdy enough and still cheap for packing. Do not forget on the eco-friendly side of this packing material.

Take care of the pedals, hands, and seat

It may not be an essential part of the bicycle, but still in the group of the vital items. They are crucial for comfortable and stable driving. You should not leave them free when packing. Fix them and wrap them in unique material—the same worth for the hands and seat. You do not want to damage it during transportation.

Ship your bicycle quickly after you have protected it

People who drive bikes know how expensive it is. Not only that, but it is also fragile, every even the smallest damage could ruin driving capability of it. Also, some bikes cost much. You do not want to lose or damage it because of moving. So, rely on professionals and people in a moving company. It would help if you acted like you have an exceptionally fragile and valuable object because it is.

Girl drives bike
There are a lot of benefits of driving a bike

Protect the frame

As one of the most critical parts of your bike, the frame represents the hardest part to protect for shipping. It is costly and still soft and flexible. Professionals recommend to wrap it, the best in cardboard. However, you should not forget about the screws.

Deflate the tires

Most people forget about it, but tires could be dangerous on long transportation. The air in them could explode due to the high pressure it makes. It is especially crucial if transport bikes in airplanes or cargos with oscillations in temperatures. It will protect them from tearing, too.

Fill up space

When packing before ship your bicycle is about, you should act like any other sensitive and expensive item. When you put the frame and parts in the box, you should fill the gaps to protect them. Be gentle with your precious bike. Since you know all the health benefits of the driving bike, you should keep it a valuable item.